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Knowledge Exchange  Check the health of your decision-making

IESE Insight The COVID-19 pandemic means it's resolutely not business as usual for companies across the globe. But the rules of excellent decision-making hold firm while everything else changes. Read article

Knowledge Exchange  Keys to business today to lead tomorrow

IESE Insight The big questions facing managers today are addressed in some of the most recent research by IESE faculty. While leading a company is never easy, professors' studies and books can help break down the biggest challenges into more manageable tasks. Read article

Knowledge Exchange  International Experts Put a Price on the Expropriation of YPF

Fernández, Pablo One year since Argentina took control of the oil company YPF from the Spanish firm, Repsol, IESE Prof. Pablo Fernandez asked 22,000 international experts to give their best estimate of the compensation that Repsol should receive as a result of the expropriation: $10.3 billion was the average, according to the nearly 2,000 responses received. Read article