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Books  5 characteristics of the new ideal worker

Mireia Las Heras; Nuria Chinchilla For organizations to thrive in the 21st century, the needs of the new ideal worker must be understood. That means grappling with questions of work-life balance, as well as gender and leadership, in a meaningful way. Read article

Knowledge Exchange  Sabine Mueller: "Diversity and inclusion must be organizational cornerstones"

The CEO of DHL Consulting discusses digital readiness, resilience and agility, and says establishing a truly diverse and inclusive workplace will require a complete overhaul of how we currently do things. Read article

Articles and Opinion  Mix novelty and familiarity to move from niche to mainstream

Diego Zunino; Stine Grodal; José Luis Suárez Help your new product to "cross the chasm" and reach the "zone of adoption" with these practical tips. Read article

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Netflix: from DVD-by-mail to streaming Alejandro Lago; Philip Moscoso; Isaac Sastre Boquet