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Research Papers  When speaking the world's global language comes with unwanted side effects

Reiche, Sebastian; Neeley, Tsedal Multinationals may choose to enforce a single corporate language to improve communication and information flows. Yet, from company morale to turnover intentions, the results are sometimes surprising. Read article

Articles and Opinion  Innovative spirit: lessons in leadership from the Sagrada Familia

Lee, Yih-Teen; Ribera, Alberto; McBride, Emily The Sagrada Familia by the architect Antoni Gaudí is proof of how to turn vision into reality. By taking a cue from Gaudí, executives may be inspired to realize their own visions in ways they never thought possible before. Read article

Knowledge Exchange  Gaby-Luise Wüst: "It's important to have a purpose that you're able to communicate clearly"

Sachon, Marc The President of Audi China discusses the evolution of the auto market in Asia, and why she believes it is an exciting time for the industry. In this interview with IESE's Marc Sachon, Wüst reveals the four pillars of her management philosophy. Read article

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Purpose Strength Model: Towards a Shared Purpose Chinchilla, Nuria; Lleo, Álvaro; Rey, Carlos; Alloza, A.; Pitta, Nuno