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Studies and Reports  Unlock the potential of new technologies amid high uncertainty

Thomas Klueter When will self-driving cars really roll out? With emerging technologies, managers face many "unknown unknowns" developing novel products. IESE's Thomas Klueter recommends a structured approach to unbundling and managing uncertainty. Read article

Studies and Reports  How to leverage scientific advances in your company

Jonathan Wareham, Laia Pujol, Angelo Kenneth Romasanta, Thomas Wareham Mathiassen, Markus Nordberg, Pablo Garcia Tello Publicly funded research laboratories are where innovations as disruptive as the World Wide Web continue to be born. But the process of getting scientific discoveries out of the lab and into the market hasn't been smooth. How might it be systematized? Read article

Research Papers  Patently underrepresented: Why humankind needs more female inventors

Rembrand Koning; Sampsa Samila; John-Paul Ferguson New research in Science finds that patents filed by female inventors are more likely to focus on women's health, but that relatively few women are filing patents. The paper points to untapped opportunities for innovation. Read article

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