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Research Papers  Keys to confronting crises, from a hospital fighting COVID-19

IESE Insight Anticipating problems, protecting your people, and working in close cooperation with your stakeholders: these are some of the lessons the University of Navarra Clinic takes from its fight against COVID-19 in Spain. Read article

Studies and Reports  Big data to help predict social exclusion

Victor Martínez de Albéniz; Cynthia Echave Martínez Just as businesses can use big data to anticipate consumer behavior and optimize profits, social enterprises and governments can use it to predict social vulnerability and fight poverty. But the disruptive impact of COVID-19 may require retraining the models. Read article

Articles and Opinion  Hurry! Only 3 left in stock! When scarcity signals are most powerful

Eduard Calvo; Ruomeng Cui; Laura Wagner Many retailers disclose product availability to get customers to buy, but does it really boost sales and profits? By studying this effect in online retail, we identify the contexts where scarcity signals are most powerful. Read article

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Using clickstream data to improve flash sales effectiveness Victor Martínez de Albéniz; Arnau Planas; Stefano Nasini
Costs and its drivers for diabetes mellitus type 2 patients in France and Germany C. Stegbauer; C. Falivena; Ariadna Moreno; Anna Hentschel; Magda Rosenmöller; Tim Heise; Joachim Szecsenyi; Freimut Schliess