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Patently underrepresented: Why humankind needs more female inventors

Rembrand Koning; Sampsa Samila; John-Paul Ferguson

New research in Science finds that patents filed by female inventors are more likely to focus on women's health, but that relatively few women are filing patents. The paper points to untapped opportunities for innovation.

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Pedro Videla
The Nobel Prize-winning economist, Robert Mundell (1932-2021), passed away on Easter Day, April 4, 2021. Professor Pedro Videla eulogizes the man known as the "father of the euro" as well as one of the founders of the field of open economy macroeconomics.
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Philip Moscoso
Deglobalization and digitalization were gathering force when COVID-19 confirmed what many companies already suspected: Supply chains need to undergo a fundamental transformation. Here's how to make supply chains more agile and resilient.
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7 areas to watch as we move to a post-COVID economy
Nuria Mas, Jun José Toribio, Pedro Videla
Banking on resilience: Preparing our financial system to face natural disasters
Patrick Bolton; Harrison Hong; Marci Kacperczyk; Xavier Vives
Corporate venturing with deep-tech start-ups: Lessons learned from Asia
Josemaria Siota; Mª Julia Prats; Vittoria Emanuela Bria