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The power of coaching to improve your daily life

Ribera, Alberto; Mc Farlane, Alan; Plamenova, Nia

Part science, part art, executive coaching offers clients a broader perspective for professional and personal improvement. A new book walks through seven key moments to show how coaching works and what it can do for you.

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Neckebrouck, Jeroen; Meuleman, Miguel; Manigart, Sophie
More family businesses are opening up to external investors these days. IESE's Jeroen Neckebrouck maps out four main scenarios, based on two key questions, and points to their governance implications.
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Sachon, Marc
The President of Audi China discusses the evolution of the auto market in Asia, and why she believes it is an exciting time for the industry. In this interview with IESE's Marc Sachon, Wüst reveals the four pillars of her management philosophy.
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Elevator tips on saving money
Díaz Giménez, Javier
Information Technologies
7 steps to innovate amid high digital density
Pérez Balaguer, Jesús; Gregory, Robert Wayne; Zamora, Javier