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Singapore overtakes the U.S. to top competitiveness ranking

World Economic Forum

The WEF's annual ranking of global competitiveness has a new No. 1 economy: Singapore shines in the 2019 results.

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Leadership and People Management Leadership and People Management
Mehta, Kandarp
How might you best "lift" your odds of having a successful negotiation? In the first entry of our new video series, Elevator Tips, IESE's Kandarp Mehta suggests seeking advice rather than making a claim, especially when there's a power imbalance.
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Fernandes Goncalves Gracias, Nuno
Nuno Fernandes' new book, The Value Killers: How Mergers and Acquisitions Cost Companies Billions--And How to Prevent It, offers research-backed advice to save companies from M&A havoc.
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Why winners keep winning: the knock-on effect of early VC success
Nanda, Ramana; Samila, Sampsa; Sorenson, Olav
Decision Analysis
In data we trust? A manager's guide to understanding quantitative methods
Canela, Miguel Ángel; Alegre, Inés; Ibarra, Alberto
Information Technologies
3 success factors for crowdfunding
Kyriakou, Harris; Genc, Yegin