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Accounting and Control Accounting and Control

The sweeping change of net zero emissions

Can the Big Three asset managers -- BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street -- influence companies to clean up their acts and lower their carbon emissions? Miguel Duro discusses his research on how they do it and why you should pay heed.
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Cosimo Chiesa, Íñigo Gallo
Iñigo Gallo asks his colleague Cosimo Chiesa about three key building blocks of a hybrid sales strategy -- a strategy that has become a necessity in lockdown times and offers advantages once the current storm has cleared.
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Leadership and People Management Leadership and People Management
Santiago Álvarez de Mon
In his latest book, Santiago Álvarez de Mon encourages his readers to broach those important conversations that are still pending -- whether in a professional, personal or family realm.
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Leadership and People Management
Vocational training, key to ratcheting up employability
Santiago Álvarez de Mon; Pilar García-Lombardía; Carmen Bieger
Information Technologies
Starry right? The real story behind online ratings
Christoph Schneider; Markus Weinmann; Peter N. C. Mohr; Jan vom Brocke