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Innovation and Change

10 Steps to Start a Management Position on the Right Foot

Stein, Guido

Taking on a new management position can create certain doubts and insecurities. A clash between expectations and reality is almost inevitable -- but it can be minimized. Professor Guido Stein offers 10 tips to streamline your adaptation to a new executive role.


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9 Tips for Managing Millennials

Stein, Guido; Mesa, Rafael; Martín, Miguel

By 2025, the millennial generation will make up 75 percent of the world's working population. Ready for some changes in your company's management policies and leadership styles? Taking into account the distinctive features of this cohort, IESE's Guido Stein offers practical advice to better recruit, develop and retain top millennial talent in the years to come.


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Documentos de Investigaciones5 Steps to a Successful New Product

de Toro, Juan Manuel

The vast majority of new products fail, and many resources could be saved by reducing this number. IESE's Juan Manuel de Toro argues that a tight focus on brand image, communication and other intangible attributes can pave the way to success these days. Drawing from examples that include innovative chef Ferrán Adrià, he suggests a five-step process.

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Documentos de InvestigacionesMobile Marketing: Responsive Website or App?

Capizzani, Mario; Bhargava, Neeti; Cañigueral, Xavier; Chaudhry, Shruti

Up to 58 percent of smartphone users have shopped with their phone at some point, making the mobile market a force that cannot be ignored. But how should companies adapt their marketing strategies to suit these mobile devices? Is an optimized website the answer, or would they be better served by an app?

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Accounting and Control

Documentos de InvestigacionesWhat Is the Ideal Price of a Product?

Villanueva, Julián; Segarra, José Antonio; Ferrer, Iciar

How can you optimize the price of a product or service? Julián Villanueva, José Antonio Segarra and Iciar Ferrer outline the variables to keep in mind and explain how to tailor your pricing policy. For starters, remember that most buying decisions are far from rational, as they are influenced by certain psychological factors.

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Documentos de InvestigacionesThe Deliberate Speech Style: Primarily a Question of Identification

Leggett, Brian O'Connor


Documentos de InvestigacionesHow To Overcome Resistance and Get Commitment From Users

Jesús Pérez Balaguer; Gregory, Robert Wayne; Káganer, Evgeny


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