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Make Way for the Sharing Economy Premium

Sharing, collaborative, peer-to-peer: whatever you call it, this dossier will help you manage the opportunities.

This executive dossier includes the following articles:

The Keys of the Collaborative Business Model Premium

The Mechanisms That Matter

Lago, Alejandro; Sieber, Sandra

Call it the sharing, collaborative or peer-to-peer (P2P) economy, a new business paradigm is gradually taking shape. And as with any disruptive business paradigm, this one comes with controversy and debate. This article examines the key levers of several well-known business models, in particular, the market-access mechanisms, the resource-allocation models, and the approach to governance, monitoring and control. Highlighting the differences may help academics, practitioners and policymakers better understand the potential advantages and shortcomings of the collaborative economy.

How Digital Trust Powers the Sharing Economy Premium

The Digitization of Trust

Mazzella, Frédéric; Sundararajan, Arun; Butt d'Espous, Verena; Möhlmann, Mareike

Over the centuries, each significant economic expansion has been enabled by the accompanying creation of new trust systems -- from village-based trade and informal trader networks, through contracts, government standards and financial institutions, to today's corporate brands. Emerging digital platforms are catalyzing a new expansion that will reintegrate into our economic interactions the social aspects of commerce that were marginalized by 20th century capitalism, creating a new form of crowd-based capitalism powered by the digital trust grid. This article shares the findings of an ongoing research collaboration between New York University and BlaBlaCar. The authors identify the mechanics of online trust and the resulting level of trust created. They show that, with the right digital tools, many of which are encapsulated in their D.R.E.A.M.S. framework, individuals can achieve high levels of trust without ever having met in person. This signals a radical move toward a friendlier, more personal, more connected, more empowered world of trust.

Sharing Economy: New Rules for New Times Premium

Business & Society in the Balance

Ranchordás, Sofia

In many cities around the world, policymakers are struggling to deal with the disruptive challenges posed by the sharing economy. The current rules were devised for an entirely different reality, and crackdowns could lead to a stifling of innovation. The author draws upon her work on innovation law and experimental rulemaking, in both the European and U.S. contexts, to suggest various ways that sharing-economy businesses, regulators, consumers and traditional businesses can engage in constructive conversations to navigate the myriad regulatory issues arising in this hazy area. Ultimately, it's about weighing the risks and opportunities, and protecting the public interest, while at the same time promoting new business practices.


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