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Walk the Talk: Managing With Integrity Premium

More than going in the same direction, make sure you're going in the right direction.

This executive dossier includes the following articles:

The Keys to a Positive Business Culture Premium

The Value of Values

Fontrodona, Joan; Sanz Fernández, Pablo

Unethical behavior is a serious matter with far-reaching consequences. As evidenced by numerous scandals, unethical behavior ends up dragging everyone down. This article considers integrity at the individual level as well as in terms of what companies can do to foster organizational environments in which people behave with integrity together. For companies that find themselves caught in ethically questionable behavior, the authors offer useful tips for restoring integrity. They also reject the false dichotomy between compliance and the development of people's moral competence, arguing that both perspectives are complementary and mutually reinforcing.

Make Way for the Chief Integrity Officer Premium

Beyond Compliance

Aznar, Enrique; Vaccaro, Antonino

Today, corporate compliance is more important than ever. However, compliance officers cannot be expected to carry the whole weight of corporate responsibility on their shoulders. The authors discuss the main compliance challenges faced by managers today. To address those challenges, they propose the creation of a new senior executive profile: the Chief Integrity Officer. This person would support the CEO and the board in shaping the corporate culture, helping to create an organizational environment in which people are happy and proud to work -- not just because they are complying with the law, but because they are making a positive contribution to society.

Navigating the Realities of Emerging Markets Premium

Compliance in Context

Kleinhempel, Matthias

All corporate compliance programs share a common feature: to ensure that the company obeys the law and that all organizational members behave ethically. However, multinational companies operating in a country like Mexico, for example, face issues very different from those of Germany -- a reality that many codes of conduct fail to recognize. The author's research on compliance programs in the emerging economies of Latin America reveals the special challenges that compliance officers in these markets face. How the differences are dealt with is usually a function of the organizational culture, especially the ethical tone set at the top. This article explains how management priorities and the rollout of compliance programs must be adapted to on-the-ground realities in specific business contexts around the globe.


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