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Leadership Development With Impact Premium

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To Step Up as a Leader, You Need to Step Out Premium

Redefining Your Job

Ibarra, Herminia

Most professionals aspiring to positions of greater responsibility have little time to map out a strategy for reaching their long-term career goals. But what made executives successful in the past does not guarantee their success in the future. In this article, the author of Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader discusses how executives can step up their leadership potential. The thoughtful approach consists of three core elements: making your day-to-day work more strategic; diversifying your network; and transforming your leadership style and identity. It may take some time until these activities become habits, but once the changes become internalized, your identity as a leader will be clear.

Cultural Competence: Why It Matters and How You Can Acquire It Premium

Multicultural Managers

Lee, Yih-Teen; Liao, Yuan

Emerging research suggests that multicultural individuals have innate abilities that make them exceptional candidates for global leadership -- yet they often pass under the radar of HR. Although companies are hiring more multicultural employees, it is frequently a token gesture to reflect society's growing ethnic diversity, or because they need their language abilities. What's really needed, say the authors, is a greater awareness and appreciation of the beneficial role of culture in the workplace. This article explains how companies might identify and make better use of the invaluable attributes offered by multicultural managers and employees. Drawing on research, interviews and case studies, the authors suggest how cultural intelligence might be developed as a vital managerial competence for the world we live in today.

How Digitalization Is Changing the Way Executives Learn Premium

The Road to Omni-Learning

Auricchio, Giuseppe; Káganer, Evgeny

In the same way that technology is facilitating entirely new experiences -- from shopping to collaborative working -- there is a growing realization that digitalization can enable a radically different way of learning with respect to executive development. To leverage this opportunity, we must move beyond merely adding an online component to traditional face-to-face learning (blended learning). Instead, we must embrace a more integrative approach that seamlessly links the contexts where learning takes place -- be it a classroom, the workplace or a customer's premises -- to achieve a state the authors call omni-learning. This will disrupt many of the current systems in place, forcing a shift from instructional design to learning experience design. As such, professional development goes from being an aggregation of distinct activities to becoming a continuous journey guided by data-driven insights. For Chief Learning Officers, the effort will be considerable but infinitely more rewarding.


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