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Enterprising Solutions in Times of Transition Premium

When the bar is raised, you have to jump higher. This dossier will inspire you to think like an entrepreneur.

This executive dossier includes the following articles:

Learning From the Entrepreneurial Icebreakers Premium

Growth Through Adversity

Prats, Mª Julia; Sosna, Marc; Sysko-Romanczuk, Sylwia

This article shares the insights of "entrepreneurial icebreakers" -- business pioneers who launched private companies in Central and Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall and who expanded beyond national borders by clearing pathways for themselves and others into international markets around the globe. In documenting the obstacles they had to cut through to get to where they are today, we show the path to break inflexible, outdated structures by introducing new dynamics, redefining value creation and changing mind-sets. Their insights are especially relevant to anyone launching a business in a transition economy where the entrepreneurial opportunities and growth prospects may be greater than in mature markets -- but only if one learns how to operate like an entrepreneurial icebreaker.

Want to Innovate? Then Act Like a Start-up Premium

The Start-up Corporation

Dávila, Antonio; Epstein, Marc J.

It is wrong to assume that established companies cannot beat start-ups at breakthrough innovation. Many companies weaken their breakthrough innovation abilities by focusing on execution and the incremental innovation that goes with that. Drawing on insights from their new book, The Innovation Paradox, the authors highlight how established companies can change the rules of the game and master breakthrough as well as incremental innovation. To become a Start-up Corporation requires taking advantage of the creativity, talent and drive of the people in the company and its networks to discover new opportunities for breakthrough innovation. The key is to manage six stages that characterize start-ups and to combine the discovery attitude of entrepreneurs with the access to resources of established companies. The authors challenge the myth that breakthrough innovation is the sole terrain of start-ups and show that, actually, established companies are better suited to tackle some of the major challenges that society is facing.

How a Social Logic Can Transform Your Business Premium

Make Way for Social Entrepreneurship

Santos, Filipe

Though social entrepreneurship and traditional, commercial entrepreneurship have many things in common, there are some fundamental differences. The author, an expert in the field of social entrepreneurship and social innovation, believes social entrepreneurship offers a transformative grassroots alternative to the usual way of doing business. This article highlights four crucial ways in which social entrepreneurs differ from their traditional counterparts, stemming from the important distinction between "value creation" and "value capture." He calls for mainstream economic theories and business models to acknowledge the valid place of "others-regard," and not just self-interest, as a key driver of alternative, highly impactive business decisions.


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