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Competencies for Positive Impact Premium

Setting in motion a chain reaction of positive energy throughout your organization starts with you.

This executive dossier includes the following articles:

5 Keys to Being Positively Deviant in Trying Times Premium

Positive Leadership

Cameron, Kim

Studies of organizations that have achieved unexpected and exceptional levels of success, in spite of the difficult economic situations they face, reveal a common denominator: They have adopted strategies based on positive organizational leadership competencies. This is an emerging field that focuses on "positively deviant" organizational performance -- in other words, successful performance that dramatically exceeds the norm in a positive direction. Positive competencies involve more than putting a happy face on disaster. They are life-giving attributes that can be learned, developed and improved, regardless of your personality. The author, a foremost scholar in the field, draws on two decades of his research to suggest five positive leadership practices that can serve as keys to flourishing and highly successful outcomes -- even among organizations that are downsizing, facing bankruptcy, experiencing loss of mission or encountering fiscal disasters. He shows how to detox your workplace and spread the light.

Mindfulness: Multiply Productivity Through Undivided Attention Premium

Mind Over Matter

Ribera, Alberto; Guillén, José Luis

Stimuli, distractions and interruptions are ubiquitous in the workplace today. On top of that, there is a growing pressure to do more with less. For executives suffering from increased stress, lower productivity often follows. One solution that a growing number of companies are embracing is "mindfulness" -- a technique to tune out the noise and focus deliberately on what is important. Based on research and coaching experiences related to designing and delivering programs for multinational corporations, the authors explain how mindfulness training strengthens a broad set of executive functions to boost productivity, improve decision-making and enhance well-being.

Top Team Behavior for Winning Results Premium

Unity Starts in the C-Suite

Raes, Anneloes

It's lonely at the top, or so the saying goes. But this need not be the case. Indeed, those top management teams who manage to overcome their isolation and model high levels of "teamness" create positive ripple effects throughout the organization, boosting productive energy and job satisfaction, and lowering turnover intentions. What's more, middle managers and other employees reporting to them tend to integrate and align their own goals with others, as they perceive consistency between what top managers say and what they do. Studies by the author into this phenomenon highlight several competencies that contribute not only to the smooth functioning of the C-suite but also to the operational success of the entire organization. She poses several key questions to ask yourself, aimed at improving your cognitive flexibility, integrative bargaining, mutual influencing and creativity in the pursuit of more fruitful interactions between upper and middle management.


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