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Leading the Digital Transformation Premium

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5 Skills Every Leader Needs to Succeed in the Digital World Premium

The Digital Mind-set

Káganer, Evgeny; Zamora, Javier; Sieber, Sandra

The growing density of our digital connections is fast redrawing the boundaries of competition and reshaping the sources of customer value. This demands that we take blended approaches, not just to our business strategies, but to our organizational structures and practices. And this requires new leadership roles and digitally minded leaders. Digital leadership is more than a job title; it's an entirely new mind-set. Based on conversations with participants of executive programs and reviews of a number of cases on digital transformation, the authors have started to synthesize the qualities, practices and approaches of the digitally minded leader. In this article, they suggest at least five important dimensions that make up the digital mind-set. These may seem paradoxical or contradictory, but they are more important than ever to deal with the digital transformation upon us.

Groundbreaking Ideas to Achieve Digital Edge Premium

Changing Your Chip

Rowsell-Jones, Andy

"We will create an app that..." Hearing this phrase in your company may be a hint that you are about to wander down the wrong path. This article explains the correct path to follow in creating a digital edge, which involves combining your company's physical and digital resources in innovative ways that create new capabilities and generate new sources of value and revenue. Citing examples of companies that have done this successfully, the author presents five models to help companies explore the right opportunities and applications best suited to their particular strategies and needs. It's not about creating more apps; it's about identifying what customer- or process-oriented outcome your organization desires, and then achieving that outcome with digital capabilities that add value.

How Virtuality Impacts the Way Teams Work Premium

The Digital Organization

Leonardi, Paul M.; Bailey, Diane E.; Barley, Stephen R.

The possibility of working virtually is fast moving from the realm of science fiction to reality. Yet as companies increasingly move toward virtualizing work processes, the authors find that digitally mediated relationships can give rise to as many problems as solutions. This article discusses different types of virtual work arrangements that exist today and the impact that various types of virtual work can have on organizational processes and structures. Taking an example from the U.S. automobile industry, the authors highlight how a traditional industry must come to terms with the new organizational challenges occasioned by today's digitally mediated relationships. This case offers cautionary advice and lessons for other organizations that would turn to the virtual in the hope of reducing costs by replacing humans and objects with data and representations.


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