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Leading in Times of Uncertainty Premium

International experts highlight what you need to know - when you don't know what tomorrow might bring

This executive dossier includes the following articles:

Uncertainty, a Manager's Natural Habitat Premium

Personal Testimonies to a Vital Paradox

Álvarez de Mon, Santiago

Using case studies and his own experience of coaching a variety of professionals from the worlds of sport, the arts and management, the author explores the keys to embracing uncertainty, helping managers to lead a richer, more productive existence.

Developing a Common Language About IT Risk Premium

When the System Fails

Westerman, George; Hunter, Richard

Although IT risk can have wide-ranging business consequences, few executives feel comfortable discussing it. Risk is uncertainty, and addressing IT risk seems to require making sense of complex technical issues. In reality, executive-level trade-offs around IT risk are managerial, not technical. The Four A Framework of Availability, Access, Accuracy and Agility provides a common language you and your IT managers can use to manage IT risks without getting bogged down in technical details. Then you can start to take additional steps – improving the IT foundation, installing a risk governance process and creating a risk-aware culture – to build a capability that increases the returns from your IT risk management investments.

Mind Your Mind Traps Premium

Cognitive Bias in Situations of Uncertainty

Baucells Alibés, Manel; Weber, Martin

In business, as in other areas of life, uncertainty lurks around every corner. What does the future hold? How can we prepare for the unexpected? What is the right decision at times like this? We humans have developed a repertoire of unconscious mechanisms to help us cope with insecurity. While these mechanisms may assuage feelings of helplessness and paralysis, they can also cloud our judgment. The authors explain how three such mind traps work: hindsight bias, overconfidence and risk seeking for losses.

Obvious, Intuitive and Wrong Premium

The Trap of Conventional Thinking

Gunther McGrath, Rita

Past success can become tomorrow’s liability. But instead of throwing out the old and taking a bold leap into the new, leaders in uncertain times should focus on creating conditions for internally generated growth. Columbia’s Rita Gunther McGrath presents a portfolio of opportunities that managers can employ, including a questionnaire to help you pinpoint the greatest sources of uncertainty in the business, and thereby focus your investments in learning accordingly.


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