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Industry 4.0: Get Ready for the Next Industrial Revolution Premium

From infrastructure changes to emerging business models to cybersecurity, this dossier is your survival guide.

This executive dossier includes the following articles:

5 Building Blocks for Cyber-Physical Value Chains Premium

People & Machines Working in Sync

Sachon, Marc

The digitalization that has disrupted services is set to do the same in industry, and manufacturing in particular. With supply chains operating at their limits amid a growing list of global challenges, new approaches are required to save time, improve efficiency and gain flexibility to survive in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) times. Based on interviews, case studies and collaborations with German firms at the leading edge of this field, the author identifies five key building blocks for the successful implementation of Industry 4.0, and highlights several implications. To stay competitive, companies will have to learn to cooperate, using platform-based business models via which they can sell services and expertise, not just physical products. Those prepared to adapt their skills and protect their value chains will find new opportunities for growth -- while others who are slow to adapt will get left behind.

Programming Business Models Through Digital Density Premium

The Internet of Things

Zamora, Javier

The exponential growth of digital connections and data generates myriad interactions between organizations, people and things that executives can leverage to enhance their current business models or create entirely new ones. But how best to harness the power of this digital density? This article presents a framework to help senior executives tap connected data and pinpoint the programmable elements of their value proposition. The author also highlights the pros and cons, so businesses can maximize the value drivers while simultaneously monitoring the privacy, reliability, security and integration issues associated with a high-digital-density environment.

Tips to Prevent, Detect & Respond to Cyberattacks Premium

How Safe Is Your Firmware?

Padilla, Elmar

This article describes the various ways that industrial firmware can be compromised. The author recommends how companies can defend themselves against cyberattacks, based on the latest research conducted by the research institute Fraunhofer (FKIE). How aware is your organization of the issues at stake? What is your senior management team doing to address firmware security and prevent a devastating cyberattack? How prepared are you if -- and when -- an attack occurs? Executives enthusiastic about the possibilities of Industry 4.0 need to understand the threats posed by manipulated firmware and take steps to protect their companies against them.


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