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Why Execution Is No Longer the Key to Competitive Advantage

Date:  23/04/2018 Area(s):  Accounting and Control; Strategy Document type:  Session Every Wednesday, Amazon's top executives reportedly meet for hours to ponder the future. Why? Because looking to the future has become more important than execution for business success in VUCA times. Antonio Davila (briefly) explains his 70/30 recommendation. Read article

Big Data

Date:  17/04/2018 Area(s):  Information Technologies Document type:  Session Read article

Cómo gestionar las redes sociales en una crisis de reputación

Date:  22/03/2018 Area(s):  Knowledge and Communication Document type:  Session En la era de la inmediatez, las empresas no se pueden ausentar de la conversación en redes sociales cuando estalla una crisis que afecta a su marca. Yago de la Cierva ofrece algunas pautas para gestionar estas situaciones. Read article

Bill McDermott: When Life Knocks You Down, Winners Rise

Date:  20/03/2018 Area(s):  Strategy Document type:  Interview In 2015 SAP CEO Bill McDermott lost an eye in an accident, but he didn't let it stop him. "We're all going to get hit with a thunderbolt," he says. "And I can tell you, people will never remember you for how you got knocked down, but they will never forget you for how you get back up and you keep coming." Read article

Bill McDermott: Never Too Old -- or Young -- to Learn and Grow

Date:  20/03/2018 Area(s):  Strategy Document type:  Interview Whether you're 81 or 21, "it's never too late to retool or retrain," says SAP CEO Bill McDermott. And you don't have to come from an IT background to be successful in an IT company. "What you need is empathy. The idea of being in service to other people is the greatest form of leadership." Read article

Bill McDermott: Take Care of Your Customers

Date:  20/03/2018 Area(s):  Strategy Document type:  Interview Bill McDermott's journey to the corner office started in a corner store, running a deli as a teenager. It was there that he gained an important business insight that has served him to this day as CEO of SAP: "I learned early on, it's amazing if you take good care of your customers, good things can happen to you." Read article

Bill McDermott: "There's No Room for Small Dreams"

Date:  20/03/2018 Area(s):  Strategy Document type:  Interview "Take good care of your customers and good things happen." That's certainly been true for Bill McDermott, the first non-European CEO of the German software company SAP. He sat down with Eric Weber at the IESE Global Alumni Reunion in Madrid to talk about how hard work and disciplined execution can achieve audacious growth -- but you've got to dream ... Read article

The Emergence of Latin American Unicorns

Date:  06/02/2018 Area(s):  Strategy Document type:  Interview Recently, many IT-related "unicorns" -- that is, tech firms valued at more than a billion dollars -- have come from Latin America. With "the sophistication of their peers from more developed economies," they also "have to deal with the realities of emerging markets," explains IESE professor Adrian Caldart. And that may make them strong competitors ... Read article

Greenwash Today, Suffer Tomorrow

Date:  25/01/2018 Area(s):  Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Document type:  Interview Ecofriendly, green, bio: companies are increasingly using such labels to advertise their environmental credentials to consumers. But, according to IESE professor Pascual Berrone, many of them also "hide their true impact on the environment," a phenomenon known as "greenwashing." With more NGOs acting as watchdogs, "the consequences of getting caught ... Read article

Protectionism Is Threatening the Global Value Chain

Date:  18/01/2018 Area(s):  Economics Document type:  Report The global value chain is more complex than ever. "Hardly anything is produced in just one country anymore," explains IESE's professor of economics Núria Mas. So, if a product from Mexico is worked on in China or Vietnam before being exported to the U.S., an increase in import tariffs in, say, North America may end up affecting global trade more than ... Read article
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