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10 Mistakes We All Make When Making Decisions

Date:  27/04/2017 Area(s):  Decision Analysis Document type:  Report Decision-making is as complex as it is inevitable. And yet no one formally teaches us how to do it. In their latest book, Miguel Angel Ariño and Pablo Maella review the 10 most common errors that lead to bad decisions. Read article

Gestión del riesgo global y constante

Date:  24/03/2017 Area(s):  Service and Operations Management Document type:  Interview Nuevos actores tecnológicos -las denominadas insurtech- y modelos de negocio basados en el big data están revolucionando el sector asegurador. Así se puso de manifiesto en el 7º Encuentro del Sector Seguros del IESE, patrocinado por EY España. Read article

Luca de Meo: How Digital Is Redefining the Industry

Date:  14/03/2017 Area(s):  Innovation and Change Document type:  Interview Digital players like Uber are radically changing the concept of mobility. "I think they will change the industry big time," says SEAT Chairman Luca de Meo. This trend implies that companies will need to organize themselves less according to sequential, convergent models and more toward flat, open, simultaneous and divergent models. Read article

Luca de Meo: How the Auto Industry Is Changing

Date:  14/03/2017 Area(s):  Innovation and Change Document type:  Interview Does the entry of new players like Tesla, Google and Apple into the auto industry pose a competitive threat? SEAT Chairman Luca de Meo sees such moves as a positive provocation for the industry to reinvent itself. After 25 years in the business, de Meo says the next decade may be the most disruptive as well as the most exciting of his career. Read article

Luca de Meo: Why Create the SEAT Chair of Innovation?

Date:  14/03/2017 Area(s):  Innovation and Change Document type:  Interview Innovation is essentially about "doing surprisingly useful stuff for people," which requires breaking out of the day to day and seeing things from a fresh perspective in order to do things differently. For SEAT, this means collaborating with IESE on a new Chair of Innovation, as SEAT Chairman Luca de Meo explains to the first chair holder, Tony Dávila. ... Read article

Luca de Meo: Innovation and the Future of Mobility

Date:  14/03/2017 Area(s):  Innovation and Change Document type:  Interview With 25 years' experience in the automotive industry, Luca de Meo comes to SEAT (part of the Volkswagen group) ready to write a new chapter in the company's history. On the launch of the SEAT Chair of Innovation at IESE, de Meo sat down with Tony Dávila to talk about the road ahead. Read article

Cómo descarbonizar nuestra economía

Date:  16/02/2017 Area(s):  Economics; Service and Operations Management Document type:  Interview ¿Es necesario un impuesto a las emisiones de CO2 para hacer realidad el Acuerdo de París sobre el cambio climático? Según algunos de los expertos que participaron en el 14 Encuentro del Sector Energético del IESE, esta sería una buena fórmula para incentivar el uso de energías limpias por parte del consumidor final. Read article

Vivienda y sociedad: los nuevos cimientos del sector inmobiliario

Date:  03/02/2017 Area(s):  Economics; Strategy Document type:  Interview La recuperación del sector inmobiliario se ha visto acompañada por cambios en los hábitos de la población y por la aparición de nuevos actores en la economía que están influyendo en la forma de diseñar los productos inmobiliarios, sus usos y su rentabilidad. En este contexto, el sector está redefiniendo sus estrategias para no caer en los errores del ... Read article

How We Mispredict Preferences

Date:  31/01/2017 Area(s):  Marketing Document type:  Interview You know you love action films and romcoms. But would you expect someone else to? Studies show that people mistakenly expect others to dislike dissimilar things -- which means missing out on the chance to offer customers a greater variety of choices. In this podcast, professor Kate Barasz describes her research on (mis)predicting others' preferences. ... Read article

Women in the Business World: Taking a Step Forward

Date:  16/01/2017 Area(s):  Leadership and People Management Document type:  Interview Is the world of business still a man's world? Women may make up 50% of the workforce, but only 5% of CEOs. How do we ensure more make it to the top of the ladder? Experts and business leaders share their thoughts. Read article
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