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  The Future of Advertising Is Storytelling

Oliver, Xavier; Tatge, Larisa How can a company distinguish itself in a crowded field, now that everyone seems to know all about everything? The answer is great storytelling, says IESE's Xavier Oliver. Reveal what your company really stands for, what it offers the world, and you are sure to win some hearts and minds. Read article

  Management Truths in an Age of Fake News

Rosenberg, Mike; Seager, Phil Do newspapers, magazines or books have a future? Will terrestrial television exist as a meaningful player in five years' time? Amid attacks and dramatic changes, leading IESE professors and practitioners share the timeless tools needed to manage media and entertainment businesses. Read article

  For Better, for Worse: Why Companies Turn to Tech Scouts

Klueter, Thomas Maximilian; Monteiro, F. To innovate faster, develop superior products, and perform better financially, corporations should look outside their own organizations and geographies with tech scouting. Yet some don't. Why not? A look at performance feedback is revealing. Read article

  The 10 Most Common Mistakes in Decision-Making

Ariño, Miguel Angel; Maella, Pablo Decision-making is as complex as it is inevitable. And yet no one formally teaches us how to do it. In their latest book, Miguel Angel Ariño and Pablo Maella review the 10 most common errors that lead to bad decisions. Read article

  What's Up With Spain's Digital Media?

de Toro, Juan Manuel; Soldado, Pilar; San Pedro, Marta; Breiner, James; Arrese, Ángel; Vara-Miguel, Alfonso; Sádaba Chalezquer, Charo; Fernández del Moral, Javier; Bel, Ignacio The internet has been a game changer for the press, and there is no turning back. IESE's Institute for Media and Entertainment (IME) takes a look at recent shifts in consumer habits, business models and news distribution in its 2016 volume on Spain. When all is said and done, there are four challenges to overcome for lasting digital success. Read article

  2016's Most-Viewed Insights from IESE's Business Knowledge Portal

Which articles were the most popular with our readership in 2016? To celebrate the year's close, we count down 10 ideas with impact, gleaned from IESE faculty's recent research. These 10 insights have the potential to change the way you approach business management today and in the future. Read article

  How to Get Your Employees to Provide Solutions, Not Problems

Muñoz-Seca, Beatriz "Ask the right question at the right time, and ask for relevant information." That is the "express" summary of the approach to service operations offered by professor Beatriz Muñoz-Seca in her 2017 book How to Make Things Happen. Read article

  How Employee Voice Helps Community Engagement Premium

Milliken, Frances J.; Tatge, Larisa When employees feel they cannot speak up, there can be negative consequences for society as a whole. The authors consider how to increase employee voice opportunities, in order to foster more trusting and collaborative work environments in which people feel fully motivated, empowered and engaged. Read article

  Boosting Competitiveness by Managing Knowledge Well

Andreu i Civit, Rafael; Baiget, Joan You are what you know, and in business, leveraging knowledge effectively can make or break a company's competitiveness. In their 2016 book, Rafael Andreu and Joan Baiget reflect on how to develop an organizational culture that pays attention to knowledge management, a practice to boost competitive advantages and sustainability. Read article

  12 Pitfalls to Avoid on the Path to Managing Reputational Risks Premium

Henisz, Witold J. Why do executives appear to ignore "corporate diplomacy"? The author sketches out the 12 biggest risks to avoid in the stakeholder environment, so that executives can mitigate their adverse impacts and seize their upside opportunity. Read article
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