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Mobile Payments: A Framework for SuccessPremium

Calvo, Eduard


There is a lot more to mobile payments than merely substituting a phone for a card when performing a financial transaction. Managers need to think less about the technology, and more about how the new functionalities of m-payments can enable superior value propositions for their customers. This article reveals how.

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How Digital Trust Powers the Sharing EconomyPremium

Mazzella, Frédéric; Sundararajan, Arun; Butt d'Espous, Verena; Möhlmann, Mareike


This article shares the findings of research by New York University and BlaBlaCar showing that, with the right digital tools, individuals can achieve high levels of trust without ever having met in person. This signals a radical shift toward a friendlier, more personal, more connected, more empowered world of trust.

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The Keys of the Collaborative Business ModelPremium

Lago, Alejandro; Sieber, Sandra


A new business paradigm is taking shape. This article examines the market-access mechanisms, the resource-allocation models and the governance approaches of several well-known business models, to help practitioners and policymakers better understand the key levers of the collaborative economy.

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Social Media Strategies for Better Work-Life EngagementPremium

Rothbard, Nancy


How much you choose to disclose about yourself at work is made more complicated by today's blurred social media realities. This article suggests strategies to harness the power of social media and avoid the potential pitfalls when managing the boundaries between personal and professional lives in cyberspace.

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New York Edges Out London as the World's "Smartest" City

Berrone, Pascual; Ricart, Joan Enric


New York has surpassed London to take the top spot in IESE's ranking of the world's "smartest" cities, with Paris completing the winner's podium. American and European cities clearly dominate the Cities in Motion Index 2016, accounting for 18 of the top 25.

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Cloud4all: Working to Make a More Accessible World

EIC - Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center; Dávila, Antonio


In the classroom, at the bank, at the library and at home: Imagine that all devices accessed during the day could automatically adapt to users' needs and preferences. Cloud4all is a project funded by the European Commission that aims to turn this vision into reality, making technology more accessible for all -- regardless of age, digital literacy or disabilities. IESE's Tony Davila, with the Entrepreneurship Innovation Center (EIC), is participating.

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How Digitalization Is Changing the Way Executives LearnPremium

Auricchio, Giuseppe; Káganer, Evgeny


Digital technology can enable a radically different way of learning. But we must move beyond blended learning to embrace what the authors call omni-learning. This will disrupt many of the current systems, but for Chief Learning Officers, the possibilities are much more exciting.

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Are Banks Ready for the Process of Digitization?

Gregory, Robert Wayne; Ullings, Berno; Burger, André H.; Stieger, Jacqueline; Alessandrini, Isabel


Customers are demanding bank services be available anywhere, at any time, using any device. But there's evidence from Spain that retail banks are still unprepared for the process of digitization. A survey of bank executives reveals four critical gaps in digital preparedness and suggests a framework to adapt to a new landscape, as financial technology start-ups move in.

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Look Outside Your Firm: A Tool to Sense What's ComingPremium

Dávila, Antonio; Oyon, Daniel; Parmigiani, Pilar; Schnegg, Maël


Management systems need to sense the external environment as effectively as tools like the Balanced Scorecard analyze internal performance. The authors outline the need for the Landscape Monitor, a framework to help managers see farther and earlier what's coming, so they can be innovation leaders.

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Why All Companies Need a Data Experience DesignerPremium

Margolis, Abby; Káganer, Evgeny


For all the hype of big data, an essential piece is missing: the person. Sharing the results of a global research project, the authors call for a design mind-set that, rather than analyzing past behavior, empowers users and meets future needs through data-enabled products and services.

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