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The How-to Guide for Corporate Venturing

Prats, Mª Julia; Amigó, Pau; Ametller, Xavier; Batlle, Adrià


What do established firms and startups have in common? They can both benefit from corporate venturing, says IESE's Julia Prats and co-authors. A 2017 handbook explains the nuts and bolts of corporate venturing for profitable growth.

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Barcelona Sells: BCN Brand's Rapid Ascent

Oliver, Xavier; Sicart, Sara


Eternal summer? An urban, stylish lifestyle? What does Barcelona evoke for you? BCN Brand plays to the public imagination of the city of Gaudí and beauty on the beach, selling everything from colorful sneakers to fire extinguishers. The case study, "BCN Brand: Selling Barcelona Around the World," tracks the marketing moves and asks what comes next.

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Searching Highs and Lows: Understanding International Search Funds

Kolarova, Lenka; Dávila, Antonio; Johnson, Rob; Kelly, Peter


Search funds are gaining traction overseas. According to the 2016 study by IESE, in partnership with Stanford Graduate School of Business, last year saw a new peak of international activity spanning four continents (outside North America). In addition to calculating early returns, IESE's report paints a picture of who is searching for what, where, why and how.

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Critical Questions When Launching InnovationPremium

Zenios, Stefanos


Having professional end-users on a management team is vital for the innovation process. But where are they best utilized and in what roles? And when is the best time to transition from needs finding to prototype development and testing? The author summarizes his findings, based on his work at Stanford with Silicon Valley startups.

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Social Enterprises Surge, Accelerators Lag in Latam

Roure, Juan; de San José Riestra, Amparo; Segurado, Juan Luis; Parra, Catalina


Social entrepreneurship has taken off in Latin America, but so far accelerators aren't keeping up. A study by IESE's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (EIC) and Business Angels Network identifies the challenges accelerators face and offers ideas on how to strengthen the social-entrepreneurship ecosystem in the region.

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The Ugly Truth About Startups

Dávila, Antonio; Foster, George; He, Xiaobin; Shimizu, Carlos


Celebrated for creating wealth and jobs, startups are the poster children of 21st century business. But by celebrating the successes, are we ignoring the reality that many fail after only a few years? Or that many more stay small, shedding the jobs they have previously created? In an award-winning paper, IESE's Tony Davila takes a hard look at the rise and fall of startups.

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10 Steps to an Efficient Innovation Ecosystem

Prats, Mª Julia; Siota, Josemaria; Gironza, Alfonso


Innovation is key to a country's competitiveness. In Spain, innovation is increasingly supported, but one key problem remains: converting research into profitable products and services. A study led by IESE's Julia Prats offers 10 recommendations to help Spain take a qualitative leap to compete head to head with the world's top economies.

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Portrait of a Business Angel as a Young Man

Roure, Juan; de San José Riestra, Amparo


A new generation of private investors plays an increasingly important role in the business eco-system. But who are these people? A study by IESE's Juan Roure and Amparo de San José says Spain's business angels are younger than previously believed and tend to find partners to jointly invest in digital projects.

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Aernnova: Where in the World?

Calvo, Eduard; Orozco, Jesús Arturo; Estrada, Miguel


In 2007, Spain's leading maker of aircraft structures, Aernnova, planned to internationalize its operations and become more cost competitive in the process. Where in the world should the company go? To China, where its clients were heading, or to Mexico, with its cultural similarities and other benefits? Eduardo Calvo, Jesús Arturo Orozco and Miguel Estrada analyze the dilemma.

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The Power of Planning for Entrepreneurs

McCann, Brian T. ; Vroom, Govert


Some entrepreneurs may view the planning phase for their new business as an empty obligation to keep banks and investors happy. But IESE's Govert Vroom finds planning has the potential to transform entrepreneurs' approach to new ventures and develop the entrepreneurs themselves.

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