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2016's Most-Viewed Insights from IESE's Business Knowledge Portal


Which articles were the most popular with our readership in 2016? To celebrate the year's close, we count down 10 ideas with impact, gleaned from IESE faculty's recent research. These 10 insights have the potential to change the way you approach business management today and in the future.

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A New Marketing to Save the World?

Nueno, José Luis


Move over, functional and aspirational marketing: it's time for transformative marketing to shine. In his book, José Luis Nueno argues that marketing's mission is no longer to showcase a product or service in order to sell it, but rather to support sustainable consumption based on realistic expectations in a scarcity society.

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Barcelona Sells: BCN Brand's Rapid Ascent

Oliver, Xavier; Sicart, Sara


Eternal summer? An urban, stylish lifestyle? What does Barcelona evoke for you? BCN Brand plays to the public imagination of the city of Gaudí and beauty on the beach, selling everything from colorful sneakers to fire extinguishers. The case study, "BCN Brand: Selling Barcelona Around the World," tracks the marketing moves and asks what comes next.

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What Today's Sales Teams Are Missing

Chiesa, Cosimo; Salazar, Rafael; Soldado, Pilar; Tordera, Juan José; Villanueva, Julián


Clients' needs are shifting, as are the ways they approach and evaluate products and services. Given this transformation, shouldn't sales teams change and adopt new tools as well? The seventh annual study of sales networks in Spain offers a snapshot of current challenges -- and points out blindspots in sales strategies.

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Future Directions for European E-Commerce

Capizzani, Mario; Foncillas, Pablo


How is e-commerce affecting businesses in five major European economies? A 2016 survey takes the pulse of executives in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom as they plan for their digital initiatives. Customer data protection, omnichannel strategies and outsourcing analytics are a few common concerns.

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Coupon Craft: How to Win Clients and Influence Customers

Osuna, Ignacio; González, Jorge; Capizzani, Mario


"Here's your receipt and your coupons." At a checkout counter, card-carrying shoppers often get targeted coupons in exchange for their data. But are these 10-percent-off offers actually ringing up new sales or increasing customer loyalty? In a new study, IESE's Jorge González and Mario Capizzani crunch the numbers and offer advice for smarter coupon-campaign management.

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Here Comes the Instagram Bride

Nueno, José Luis


Wedding bells are ringing for the digital generation. As Millennials come of age and settle down, the bridal industry must learn to engage with them on their own terms. A study by IESE's José Luis Nueno provides a game plan for marketing to Millennials as they plan their big day, smartphone in hand.

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5 Steps to a Successful New Product

de Toro, Juan Manuel


The vast majority of new products fail, and many resources could be saved by reducing this number. IESE's Juan Manuel de Toro argues that a tight focus on brand image, communication and other intangible attributes can pave the way to success these days. Drawing from examples that include innovative chef Ferrán Adrià, he suggests a five-step process.

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Mobile Marketing: Responsive Website or App?

Capizzani, Mario; Bhargava, Neeti; Cañigueral, Xavier; Chaudhry, Shruti


Up to 58 percent of smartphone users have shopped with their phone at some point, making the mobile market a force that cannot be ignored. But how should companies adapt their marketing strategies to suit these mobile devices? Is an optimized website the answer, or would they be better served by an app?

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2015's Most-Viewed Insights from IESE's Business Knowledge Portal

IESE Insight


Counting down 10 ideas with impact to change the way you approach business management, from IESE faculty. These 10 items are gleaned from professors' 2015 books, academic articles, studies and teaching materials.

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