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IESE Insight
  Service and Operations Management
Providing Health Care in 2030: A New Role for Public Hospitals
Ribera, Jaume; Antoja, Gabriel; Rosenmöller, Magda; Borrás, Pablo
Looking ahead to 2030, how can hospitals deliver better care to more patients at a lower cost? A 2015 study by IESE and Accenture takes a close look at the new role that Europe's leading public hospitals will be playing in the future health care system, giving a voice to hospital managers and clinicians.
  Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Goodbye to Extortion: The Anti-Mafia Movement
Vaccaro, Antonino; Di Trapani, Pico
Pay protection money... or else? In Sicily, consumers are banding together to fight the tradition of paying the pizzo (extortion) to the Mafia, undermining its power. In Antonino Vaccaro's award-winning book, Addiopizzo -- published first in Italian and now in English -- he recounts the story of the grassroots movement as a tribute to the power of collective action to change society for the better.
  Corporate Governance
Winds of Change for the Board of Directors
Nueno, Pedro
What will a typical board of directors look like in 2020? This is the question inspiring Pedro Nueno's latest book, which examines the changing role of boards amid the global financial recovery, accelerating digitalization and systemic changes in the business environment.
  Leadership and People Management
Meeting the Challenges of an Aging Workforce
García Lombardía, Pilar; Pin, José Ramón
In Spain, 62 percent of companies already have mature workforces, and the forecast calls for older personnel going forward. To manage an aging workforce successfully, this study offers recommendations and examples of good practices for companies in four challenging areas.
How Much Is a Company Worth?
Fernández, Pablo
Business history is rife with companies that went bust because of errors in their valuation. In the fifth edition of Valuation and Common Sense, Pablo Fernández explains the most common errors made when assessing the value of a company. The main missteps usually come from a lack of experience and of sound judgment.
  Service and Operations Management
The Nuts and Bolts of Fast Fashion
Caro, Felipe; Martínez de Albéniz, Víctor
The secret to Zara's success? The fast-fashion business model is explained by two operations experts -- including its operational pillars and fundamental long-term concerns. And now that fast fashion has revolutionized the apparel industry, what is next? The professors look to music, movies, food and even consumer electronics.
Corporate Governance in Spain: Curbing Excessive CEO Power
The role of the lead independent director, which is meant to curb excessive CEO power, is now a reality for the boards of 74 percent of the IBEX 35 -- the 35 most prominent public companies in Spain. In addition, corporate boards tend to have fewer seats and more of them are occupied by women, according to the 11th annual report on the general meetings of shareholders of IBEX 35 companies.
10 Keys to Self-Motivation
Maella, Pablo
A Practical Guide to Optimize Your Business Operations
Moscoso, Philip; Lago, Alejandro
Values: A Key Asset to Family Business
Tàpies, Josep; Vilanova, Núria
What Is the Ideal Price of a Product?
Villanueva, Julián; Segarra, José Antonio; Ferrer, Iciar
5 Business Trends to Reflect on in 2016
Sieber, Sandra; Díaz, Javier; Ariño, Africa; Reiche, B. Sebastian; Nueno, José Luis
When Culture Makes a Difference in Finance
Lavezzolo, Sebastian; Rodríguez-Lluesma, Carlos; Elvira, Marta
London Tops the Ranking of the World's "Smartest" Cities
Berrone, Pascual; Ricart, Joan Enric
The End of Idea Hoarding? Open Innovation and the Profitability Paradox
Cassiman, Bruno; Valentini, Giovanni
25 Keys to Take Control of Your Professional Life
Chiesa, Cosimo
Unleashing Entrepreneurship
Canals, Jordi