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Piyush Gupta: "We Do Real Things for Real People"

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It's "a sorry state of affairs" when people prefer going to the dentist to going to a bank, says Piyush Gupta. Since becoming CEO of DBS, a leading financial services group in Southeast Asia, Gupta has transformed operations to make banking a joyful experience for customers. In this interview with IESE Dean Franz Heukamp, he shares his leadership lessons for tackling the challenges of the next decade, from digitization to rising nationalism.
Bibliographic citation: IESE Insight, "Piyush Gupta: "We Do Real Things for Real People": Interview With Piyush Gupta, CEO & Director, DBS Group"

Reference: 10.15581/002.ENT-3658 (DOI)
Date: 06/2018
Author(s): IESE Insight
Document type: Interview
Interviewee(s): Gupta, Piyush
Interviewer(s): Heukamp, Franz
Languages: English
Company(ies): DBS Group, Citibank