Leadership and People Management

I Wil Index (2018)

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The Index analyzes female leadership and equal opportunities in 34 OECD countries. The focus is on women's leadership as a means of promoting equal opportunities in four dimensions: personal leadership, political leadership, business leadership and social leadership. The Index uses 17 indicators and compares the current situation in each country (2018) with the situation in 2006. Based on the data, the authors analyze inhibitors and drivers of female leadership and equal opportunities and offer recommendations for advancing gender equality.
Bibliographic citation: Chinchilla, Nuria; Jimenez, Esther; Grau, Marc, "I Wil Index (2018): (IESE - Women in Leadership) International Version", IESE, ST-470-E, 05/2018
Date: 09/05/2018
Author(s): Chinchilla, Nuria; Jimenez, Esther; Grau, Marc
Document type: Study and Monograph
Editor(s): Cátedra Carmina Roca y Rafael Pich-Aguilera de Mujer y Liderazgo
Department: Managing People in Organizations
Languages: Spanish / English

Learning objective To provide data on the progress of women in business, politics and society with the aim of facilitating proposals that advance women's leadership in all areas.