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Romaine Seguin: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

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Romaine Seguin tells Marta Elvira, Puig Chair of Global Leadership Development at IESE, that she saw very few women when she started at UPS. While the situation has improved, women still get stuck at middle management. To address this, UPS started a women's leadership development initiative. "We include men too," she adds, stressing her commitment to diversity and inclusion and to mentoring up-and-coming leaders, men and women: "I'll do it in a heartbeat because it's my time to give back."
Bibliographic citation: IESE; IESE Insight, "Romaine Seguin: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders"
Date: 15/12/2017
Document type: Interview
Interviewee(s): Seguin, Romaine M.
Interviewer(s): Elvira, Marta
Sponsor(s): IESE Insight
Languages: English
Company(ies): UPS