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Romaine Seguin: How UPS Is "Thriving on Change"

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Technology gives consumers more choices, and it's UPS' job to leverage such disruption to help empower people. So says Romaine Seguin at the IESE Miami Business Summit on "Thriving on Change." As she tells Marta Elvira, Puig Chair of Global Leadership Development at IESE, "it's a consumer's world" and it's by them "demanding from the market" that companies like hers are pushed to go to the next level.
Bibliographic citation: IESE; IESE Insight, "Romaine Seguin: How UPS Is "Thriving on Change""
Date: 15/12/2017
Document type: Interview
Interviewee(s): Seguin, Romaine M.
Interviewer(s): Elvira, Marta
Sponsor(s): IESE Insight
Languages: English
Company(ies): UPS