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Connecting Across Cultures: An Empirical Examination of Multicultural Individuals as Global Leaders

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Global leadership involves the ability to connect with individuals from different cultures. Connecting is an actionable process that creates mutual understanding, positive feeling and a common approach to collaborate. Forming interpersonal connections can be an effective way for global leaders to cut across cultural differences, as it is based on a universal human need for belonging. Our study aims to understand the specific actions global leaders engage in to connect with people across cultures. Furthermore, we examine how the identity experiences of multicultural individuals contributed to their capabilities of connecting with people from different cultures in their role of global leader. Through a qualitative analysis of in-depth interviews with multicultural individuals in global leadership positions, we develop a model of connecting across cultures involving specific leadership actions that lead to emotive, cognitive and behavioral dimensions for connection. Our model also illustrates how multicultural identity experiences equip global leaders with qualities such as empathy, perspective-taking, and integration, which enable them to engage in actions for connecting with people across cultures. The research in this chapter contributes to a better understanding of global leadership through novel insights into how global leaders connect with people and sheds light on the advantages of multicultural identity experiences in this process.
Bibliographic citation: Shakir, Farah Yasmine; Lee, Yih-Teen, "Connecting Across Cultures: An Empirical Examination of Multicultural Individuals as Global Leaders". In: Joyce S. Osland, Ming Li, Mark E. Mendenhall. Advances in Global Leadership; Vol. 10. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2017. pp 89 - 116

Reference: 10.1108/S1535-120320170000010003 (DOI)
Date: 08/2017
Author(s): Shakir, Farah Yasmine; Lee, Yih-Teen
Document type: Chapter
Languages: English