Innovation and Change

Creativity in Antonio Gaudí's Artwork

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Innovation, creativity, technology ... in service of people. These are the bases of both Antoni Gaudí's citizen science and his architectural oeuvre. Beyond the label of architect, Gaudí left a legacy still applicable today in many disciplines, from ergonomic design to business management. He was a pioneer, ahead of his time, innovative in work processes, as well as being the creator of new architectural forms that we know today.
Bibliographic citation: Massague, Mireia; Rosich, Marc; Nueno, José Luis, "Creativity in Antonio Gaudí's Artwork", IESE, MN-399-E, 10/2017
Date: 11/10/2017
Author(s): Massague, Mireia; Rosich, Marc; Nueno, José Luis
Document type: Technical Note
Department: Marketing
Languages: Spanish / English

Learning objective To explore how Gaudí's creativity entailed a series of disruptive innovations, ahead of his time, that still remain in force today.