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Reconnecting Talent with Fashion and Luxury

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The industry is facing rising uncertainty on all sides (the political climate, shifting consumer attitudes to luxury goods, increasing competition from other sectors, etc.) and the 2017 IESE Industry Meeting offered an opportunity to reflect on how human talent and creativity can provide the solution to these tough challenges.
Bibliographic citation: IESE; IESE Insight, "Reconnecting Talent with Fashion and Luxury"
Date: 23/05/2017
Document type: Interview
Interviewee(s): Di Marco, Patrizio; Ferraro, Fabrizio; Mascaretti, Paolo; Keane, Sian; Presca, Giorgio; Cebrían, Gonzalo; Varisco, Alessandro; Gautier, Sébastien
Sponsor(s): IESE - Industry Meetings
Languages: Spanish / English