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Video International

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The case addresses the various trends facing the advertising market, both in TV advertising and online advertising. It sets out the dilemma of Vi, the biggest TV advertising service provider in Russia. The company was facing not only a difficult economic environment in Russia but also changes in consumer habits and a rapidly evolving advertising industry. While Vi's TV business was still holding up fairly well in this context, its online business was starting to feel the heat because of the large number of start-ups entering the market and changing consumer habits. The company now had to decide whether to continue with its aggressive push into online advertising or ramp it down and concentrate on its core TV advertising business even though the number of people watching television in the traditional sense was decreasing globally.
Bibliographic citation: Káganer, Evgeny; Korovkin, Vladimir; Tatarinov, Katherine, "Video International: Sustaining Market Dominance in the TV Advertising Market in Russia", IESE, SI-198-E, 04/2017
Date: 06/04/2017
Author(s): Káganer, Evgeny; Korovkin, Vladimir; Tatarinov, Katherine
Document type: Case
Department: Information Systems
Sector: Advertising agencies
Languages: English
Year of the events: 2015
Geographic area: Russia

Learning objective The case aims to show how an advertising industry heavyweight in Russia is facing the challenges of the transforming advertising industry.