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5 Business Trends for 2017

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Despite signs of economic recovery, populist movements against globalization present a watershed moment in 2017. Business leaders should plan for volatility and Industry 4.0 disruption, using gamification to develop talent, and rethinking what it means to win. IESE professors Núria Mas, Mireia Las Heras, Marc Sachon, Pankaj Ghemawat and John Almandoz weigh in.
Bibliographic citation: IESE; IESE Insight, "5 Business Trends for 2017"
Date: 13/12/2016
Document type: Interview
Interviewee(s): Mas, Núria; Las Heras, Mireia; Sachon, Marc; Ghemawat, Pankaj; Almandoz, John
Languages: Spanish / English