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Mari Kuchinishi: the Woman Who Never Lost Her Voice (A)

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Mari is a Japanese woman working in the financial sector. She has an international profile and from an early age has pushed herself out of her comfort zone. She married her husband just as they both started at JP Morgan. Mari´s career was interrupted due to childbearing and unexpected health complications with her children. This, coupled with her career going backwards at JP Morgan as she was assigned an assistant´s role, prompted her to find another job at HSBC. This took her and her family to Hong Kong, where she now works for BNP Paribas. She travels a lot for work and it surprises people to learn that she is married with two children and is travelling so much for business. Mari has been put forward by her line-manager for a three-month rotational assignment project in Singapore, leaving her husband who is now the VP of the IT department at JP Morgan in charge of their children.
Bibliographic citation: Song, Dongmei; Walsh, Mary Louise; Chinchilla, Nuria, "Mari Kuchinishi: the Woman Who Never Lost Her Voice (A)", IESE, DPO-394-E, 02/2017
Date: 21/02/2017
Author(s): Song, Dongmei; Walsh, Mary Louise; Chinchilla, Nuria
Document type: Case
Department: Managing People in Organizations
Sector: Investment banks
Languages: Spanish / English
Year of the events: 2015
Geographic area: Japan

Learning objective To illustrate to participants the many challenges facing women in the workplace, especially in Japan and in the financial sector. The extenuating circumstances Mari faced added to the difficulties she encountered fighting for her career. To confront participants with the difficulties and challenges facing women balancing work and family. To reflect on the need for flexibility and reintegration training programs to ensure that women do not lose out on promotions due to family commitments. To gain a deeper understanding and empathy towards colleagues with family responsibilities.