Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Virtues and Principles in Managing People in the Organization

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Virtues and principles proposed by Catholic Social Teaching (CST) are particularly significant in managing people in the organization. In this chapter, we review how these virtues and principles apply in six groups of crucial human resources management practices: (1) job design, (2) staffing and recruitment, (3) training and development, (4) benefits and compensation, (5) performance appraisal and promotion, and (6) layoff, downsizing and outplacement. We discuss here how truthfulness, justice, gratuitousness, and other virtues play a great role in conducting these practices ethically and how the principles of respect for human dignity, focus on the common good, solidarity, subsidiarity and participation are relevant too. We also present some insights of CST which seem especially relevant managing people in the organization
Bibliographic citation: Moreno Salamanca, Alejandro; Melé, Domènec, "Virtues and Principles in Managing People in the Organization". In: Sison, Alejo José G., Beabout, Gregory R., Ferrero, Ignacio (Eds.). Handbook of Virtue Ethics in Business and Management. Dordrecht, Heidelberg, Germany: Springer Netherlands, 2017. pp 199 - 209 (International Handbooks in Business Ethics).

Reference: 10.1007/978-94-007-6729-4_13-1 (DOI)
Date: 05/01/2017
Author(s): Moreno Salamanca, Alejandro; Melé, Domènec
Document type: Chapter
Editor(s): Cátedra de Ética Empresarial y de los Negocios
Languages: English