Valuation and Common Sense

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This document contains the index of the 48 chapters of a book (Valuation and Common Sense, 6th edition) that may be downloaded for free at the SSRN links that appear on the document. The book explains the nuances of different valuation methods and provides the reader with the tools for analyzing and valuing any business, no matter how complex. The book uses 270 figures, 470 tables, 180 examples and more than 1,000 comments from readers to help the reader absorb these concepts. Tables (with all calculations) and figures are available in excel format. We have added questions at the end of each chapter.
Bibliographic citation: Fernández, Pablo, "Valuation and Common Sense", Madrid: Social Science Research Network, 2017. (6th edition).

Reference: 10.2139/ssrn.2209089 (DOI)
Date: 18/10/2017
Author(s): Fernández, Pablo
Document type: Book
Editor(s): CIF - Center for International Finance
Languages: Spanish / English