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Leading Companies Through Storms and Crises

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Companies, even excellent companies, can find themselves embroiled in crises that threaten their reputation, the achievement of results, relationships with priority stakeholders, and even their survival. As they face the threat of serious damage, the way managers react to such crises is adversely affected by the urgency of the situation, emotional tensions and uncontrolled behaviours, both within and outside the organization. During a crisis, it is more difficult to make the right decisions. Solving serious crises always involves measures of two kinds; action that focuses on the effects of the crisis on people and things, as well as addressing the causes of the crisis; and the communication of these actions to ensure that stakeholders understand what is being done and collaborate in overcoming the problem. Crisis management without effective communication does not lead to a solution. It simply makes matters worse. Leading companies through storms and crises provides those principles and best practices that should inspire top management and corporate communicators in facing conflicts, controversies, crises and scandals.
Bibliographic citation: De la Cierva, Yago, "Leading Companies Through Storms and Crises: Principles and Best Practices in Conflict Prevention, Crisis Management and Communication", Madrid: Pearson Educación, 2018.

Reference: 978-1-787-26427-4 (ISBN-13)
Date: 01/2018
Author(s): De la Cierva, Yago
Document type: Book
Languages: Spanish / English