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Ask the Right Questions and Build Rapport during Due Diligence 

Date: 27/11/2017 Author(s): Krylova, Elena; Liechtenstein, Heinrich Document type: Technical Note This technical note is written to give students competing in the VCIC a guideline on how to approach due diligence sessions with entrepreneurs. The technical note focuses on hands-on experience from professional venture capitalists concerning important questions to be answered and deal breakers one should be aware of. More information  

Choosing the Right Company to Invest In 

Date: 23/11/2017 Author(s): Frodsham, David; Linz, Florian; Liechtenstein, Heinrich Document type: Technical Note This technical note is written to give students competing in the VCIC a guideline on how to approach start-up analysis for investment purposes. The technical note focuses on real-life insights and examples to better prepare students for the VCIC where they will have to think and analyze quickly. More information  

Antoni's Gaudí's Creativity 

Date: 11/10/2017 Author(s): Massague, Mireia; Figuerola, Pere Jordi; Rosich, Marc; Nueno, José Luis Document type: Technical Note Innovation, creativity, technology ... in service of people. These are the bases of both Antoni Gaudí's citizen science and his architectural oeuvre. Beyond the label of architect, Gaudí left a legacy still applicable today in many disciplines, from ergonomic design to business management. He was a pioneer, ahead of his time, innovative in work processes, ... More information  

Los nuevos retos éticos en la empresa 

Date: 15/09/2017 Author(s): Pin Arboledas, José Ramón Document type: Technical Note La nota expone las razones para el aumento de la sensibilidad ética en la empresa. Los escándalos y la corriente cultural de la posmodernidad, la necesidad de una buena comprensión de la ética empresarial, completa y alejada de los seudoéticos, y los tres mecanismos para profundizar en el tema dentro de la empresa, incluyendo referencias a los códigos ... More information  

Strategic Leadership: A Roadmap for the General Manager's Journey 

Date: 13/09/2017 Author(s): Ferraro, Fabrizio; Argüelles, José Miguel Document type: Technical Note Strategic leadership is the core responsibility of general managers. By strategic leadership, the authors refer to the responsibility of identifying the key challenges for the company, outlining a coherent set of actions to respond to these, and guiding the organization in implementing those actions. This technical note provides a framework to organize ... More information  

Receiving Feedback 

Date: 12/09/2017 Author(s): Elghanayan, Ruben; Gallego, Sheila; Ribera, Alberto Document type: Technical Note More information   Read related article

Relevant Costs for Decision Making (II): Product Decisions at Under Capacity 

Date: 28/08/2017 Author(s): Rosanas, Josep Maria Document type: Technical Note This is the second of a three-note series (CN-155-E, CN-143-E and CN-144-E). This note deals with the use of cost accounting data for decision making purposes. After classifying business decisions between investment and operating decisions, and the latter between pricing and production decisions, the note studies production decisions in situations ... More information  

Talante ético del directivo: Una visión panorámica de las virtudes humanas del directivo 

Date: 24/08/2017 Author(s): Melé, Domènec; Vázquez- Dodero, Juan Carlos Document type: Technical Note El directivo con talante ético es aquel que tiene una actitud favorable hacia lo ético. El talante ético depende de las virtudes o hábitos operativos buenos para la acción. En la nota se resumen las virtudes humanas tradicionales, destacando aplicaciones concretas en la actividad del directivo. More information  

¿Qué aporta el feedback 360º al coaching ejecutivo? 

Date: 26/07/2017 Author(s): Gallego, Sheila; Ortiz, Estíbalitz; Ribera, Alberto Document type: Technical Note El objetivo principal de la presente nota técnica es indagar sobre la siguiente cuestión: ¿puede ser útil el feedback 360º como herramienta facilitadora de la toma de conciencia en un proceso de coaching de desarrollo de competencias directivas? Para ello, definiremos los conceptos de "toma de conciencia" y de "feedback 360º", e indicaremos dónde y ... More information  

Summary of Investment Project Analysis 

Date: 10/07/2017 Author(s): Martínez Abascal, Eduardo Document type: Technical Note Summary sheet (two sides) of the steps to follow for analyzing and deciding on investment projects (capital budgeting). Examples of investment projects: new product launch, investment in a new factory, etc. Steps 1. What am I investing in?: analysis of the business and of its future P&L and balance sheet. 2. How much can I expect to make? Calculation ... More information  
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