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Standard vs. Partnership-Embedded Licensing: Attention And The Relationship Between Licensing And Product Innovations 

Date: 31/07/2017 Author(s): Klueter, Thomas Maximilian; Monteiro, Luiz Felipe; Dunlap-Hinkler, D. Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) This paper examines the relationship between the licensing of knowledge and the creation of product innovations. We consider that firms organize licensing activities in different ways and that licensees are heterogeneous with respect to the attention available to apply and transform in-licensed knowledge to create new product innovations. We suggest ... More information  

Whistleblowers on the Board? The Role of Independent Directors in Cartel Prosecutions 

Date: 25/07/2017 Author(s): Ormazábal, Gaizka; Ferres, Daniel; Campello, Murillo Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Stock market reactions to news of cartel prosecutions are muted when indicted rms have a high proportion of independent directors on their boards. This nding is robust to self-selection and is pronounced when independent directors hold more outside directorships and fewer stock options | when those directors have fewer economic ties to indicted ... More information  

Powering Kenya: Understanding the Landscape and Exploring Possibilities for Investments 

Date: 14/07/2017 Author(s): Rahnema Alavi, Ahmad; Sanchez, Felix; Kerubo, Loice Editor(s): Cátedra Fuel Freedom de Energía y Desarrollo Social Document type: Working Paper More information  

Contextualizing Leadership: A Typology of Global Leadership Roles 

Date: 01/07/2017 Author(s): Reiche, B. Sebastian; Bird, Allan; Mendenhall, Mark E.; Osland, Joyce S. Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) While the global leadership literature has grown rapidly over recent years, the context in which global leadership occurs remains ill-defined and under-conceptualized. This lack of contextualization risks equating global leadership roles that are qualitatively very different and prevents sufficient clarity for empirical sampling. To foster more cohesive ... More information  

"Handle with Care": The Mediating Role of Schedule I-deals in the Relationship between Supervisors' Own Caregiving Responsibilities and Employee Outcomes 

Date: 07/2017 Author(s): Las Heras, Mireia; Van der Heijden, Beatrice; de Jong, Jeroen; Rofcanin, Yasin Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Drawing on theories of perspective-taking and i-deals, this study explores the impact of supervisors' own caregiving responsibilities for elders and parental status on subordinates' schedule i-deals. Moreover, we investigate the extent to which schedule i-deals mediate the relationship between supervisors' caregiving responsibilities and 2 employee ... More information  

Buyer Intermediation in Supplier Finance 

Date: 08/06/2017 Author(s): Tunca, Tunay; Zhu, Weiming Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Small suppliers often face challenges to obtain financing for their operations. Especially in developing economies, traditional financing methods can be very costly or unavailable to such suppliers. In order to reduce channel costs, in recent years large buyers started to implement their own financing methods that intermediate between suppliers and ... More information  

Executive Gender Pay Gaps: The Roles of Female Risk Aversion and Board Representation 

Date: 05/06/2017 Author(s): Giné, Mireia; Carter, Mary Ellen; Franco, Francesca Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Using a large sample of executives in S&P1500 firms over 1996-2010, we document significant salary and total compensation gaps between female and male executives and explore two possible explanations for the gaps. We find support for greater female risk aversion as one contributing factor. Female executives hold significantly lower equity incentives ... More information   Read related article

Valero's "Enterprise Politics": A Model of Humanistic Management and Corporate Governance 

Date: 06/2017 Author(s): Calleja, Ricardo; Melé, Domènec Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) The purpose of this paper is to present and interpret the "Enterprise Politics Model (EPM)" developed by prof. Antonio Valero, University of Navarra, Spain. The main features of Valero's philosophy of the firm and senior management can be summarized in four points: the firm as a community of persons; the firm as an intermediate social institution ... More information  

How Do Flexibility I-Deals Relate to Work Performance? Exploring the Roles of Family Performance and Organizational Context 

Date: 01/06/2017 Author(s): Las Heras, Mireia; Rofcanin, Yasin; Bal, Matthijs; Stollberger, Jakob Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Drawing on the work-home resources (W-HR) model and conservation of resources (COR) theory, in this study we explore how flexibility i-deals relate to employees' work performance through their family performance. In line with the W-HR model, we introduce two contextual conditions to explain when our proposed associations may unfold. One is a facilitator: ... More information  

Quality Management Systems in European Social Service Organizations 

Date: 01/06/2017 Author(s): Melao, N.; Amorin, M.; Alegre, Inés; Marimon, F. Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) The paper examines the implementation of the European Quality in Social Services (EQUASS) Assurance standard. The study uses a cross-sectional, questionnaire-based survey methodology. Results show that social service providers typically implement the certification for internal reasons, and internalise EQUASS principles and practices in daily usage. ... More information  
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