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Cities and the Economy: Fueling Growth, Jobs and Innovation

Date: 30/01/2017
Author(s): Berrone, Pascual; Ricart, Joan Enric; Duch T-Figueras, Ana Isabel
Editor(s): Cátedra Schneider Electric de Sostenibilidad y Estrategia de Negocio
Document type: Book

The ability of cities to generate income, employment and well-being for its inhabitants is one of the main drivers behind today's high urbanization rates. Cities concentrate large amounts of people, firms and economic activities, as well as public services and infrastructures. This abundant concentration of resources and public intervention allows ...

AJE GROUP: en busca del crecimiento perdido

Date: 10/01/2017
Author(s): Nueno, José Luis; Bazán, Miguel

Document type: Case

Actualización del caso "Aje: vendiendo refrescos a la base de la pirámide" (M-1254), con los hechos de 2016. Durante el ejercicio 2015, convergieron una serie de tendencias macroeconómicas adversas (un entorno económico global incierto y la apreciación del dólar frente a las demás monedas) que, junto un incremento de la competencia y una caída de las ...

Understanding Community Dynamics in the Study of Grand Challenges: How Nonprofits, Institutional Actors, and the Community Fabric Interact to Influence Income Inequality

Date: 21/12/2016
Author(s): Berrone, Pascual; Gelabert, Liliana; Rousseau, Horacio Enrique; Massa-Saluzzo, Federica
Editor(s): Cátedra Schneider Electric de Sostenibilidad y Estrategia de Negocio
Document type: Article in Journal (refereed)

This paper provides a conceptual model that explains how competitive and institutional dynamics at the community level influence the ability of welfare-oriented nonprofits to eradicate income inequality. To test our framework, we build a large and unique seven-year panel dataset consisting of data from 245 U.S. communities. We find that increasing ...

Ufinet Telecom S.A.: alineando la dirección general con la propiedad

Date: 19/12/2016
Author(s): Calleja, Luis Manuel; Elvira, Marta; Sastre, Isaac

Document type: Case

El caso traza la historia de la compañía de Telecomunicaciones UFINET, desde su fundación en el interior de una compañía eléctrica a finales de los 90, la fusión de su matriz con una multinacional de la energía, desembocando en su venta a un fondo de inversión. En cada uno de estos cambios de propiedad el equipo de dirección se ha mantenido constante, ...

New Strategic Direction and Restructuring: The NH Hotel Group Case

Date: 13/12/2016
Author(s): de Diego, Enrique; Susaeta Erburu, Lourdes; Pin Arboledas, José Ramón; Suárez Ruz, Esperanza
Editor(s): IRCO - Centro Internacional de Investigación de Organizaciones
Document type: Article in Journal (refereed)

This article seeks to analyze the change in direction of NH Hotel Group, which, as a consequence of the transformations in its strategic environment and the economic crisis, found it needed to face the future by implementing a strategic plan and restructuring its business portfolio. The document sets out the phases it followed in the implementation ...

5 Business Trends for 2017

Date: 13/12/2016
Interviewee(s): Mas, Núria; Las Heras, Mireia; Sachon, Marc; Ghemawat, Pankaj; Almandoz, John
Document type: Interview (Video)

Despite signs of economic recovery, populist movements against globalization present a watershed moment in 2017. Business leaders should plan for volatility and Industry 4.0 disruption, using gamification to develop talent, and rethinking what it means to win. IESE professors Núria Mas, Mireia Las Heras, Marc Sachon, Pankaj Ghemawat and John Almandoz ...

Remaining a Competitive Force

Date: 13/12/2016
Author(s): Valentini, Giovanni

Document type: Opinion

Twenty-five years ago, Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter first came to IESE to deliver a session on international competitiveness, a subject on which he is an authority. For more than three decades, Porter's books have shaped the way we think about business strategy. In a field prone to passing fads, his ideas have staying power.

Mark Hutchinson: "We have to sell differently because our customers buy differently."

Date: 13/12/2016
Author(s): IESE Insight
Interviewee(s): Hutchinson, Mark; Interviewer(s): Iniesta, Francisco
Document type: Interview

Although it started out in lighting and electricity, GE owes its staying power to its ability to constantly pivot, acquiring competitors and patents at just the right moment to stay on top of each new industrial and technological wave. Today GE finds itself on the cusp of a new industrial revolution: this time, it's digital. As Mark Hutchinson told ...

2017 Outlook: 5 Business Trends

Date: 13/12/2016
Author(s): IESE Insight

Document type: Non-refereed article

Plus: Europe and China racing ahead on electric vehicles; promising signs for search funds; the facts on global connectedness; future directions for European e-commerce; the value creation and appropriation (VCA) model; is common ownership to blame for excessive CEO pay?

If Trump Abandons the TPP, China Will Be the Biggest Winner

Date: 12/12/2016
Author(s): Ghemawat, Pankaj

Document type: Opinion

The phrase "Thucydides Trap" refers to the likelihood of tensions and even war between an established power and a rising challenger. Even before Donald Trump?s election to the U.S. presidency, the relationship between the U.S. and China was often cast in these terms, with analysts such as Graham Allison concluding that war was not an unimaginable outcome. ...

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