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IESE Insight. Issue 33. Second Quarter 2016  Premium

Date: 16/06/2017 Author(s): IESE Insight Document type: Review From infrastructure changes to emerging business models to cybersecurity, this dossier is your survival guide. Marc Sachon explains Industry 4.0 and its implications, so that companies can move to protect their value chains and find new opportunities for growth. Javier Zamora presents a framework to help businesses tap connected data and pinpoint the ... More information  

The Only Way Is Up  Premium

Date: 16/06/2017 Author(s): IESE Insight Document type: Non-refereed article Never has the phrase "blue-sky thinking" been more apt than for the design and construction of the Burj Khalifa, which, seven years since its opening, still holds the title as the world's tallest building. Besides the lessons for innovation and collaboration on a project of this scale, the Burj Khalifa must also be viewed as part of a bigger trend ... More information  

Etnia: Time to Bet on 3-D Printing? 

Date: 16/06/2017 Author(s): IESE Insight Collaborator(s): Doering, Wolfgang; Hernández, Miguel A.; Mercier, Laurent Document type: Non-refereed article Wolfgang Doering (Elix Polymers), Miguel A. Hernandez (AF-Mercados EMI) and Laurent Mercier (Eurofragance) debate whether now is the time to abandon current production plans and bet on a promising technology. More information  

Andrew Lack: "It's a great challenge, but I'm up for the fight and optimistic about where it's going." 

Date: 16/06/2017 Author(s): IESE Insight Interviewee(s): Lack, Andrew; Interviewer(s): Baker, Bill Document type: Interview While older viewers are still tuning in to terrestrial and cable broadcasts on a TV set, millennials are more likely to be keeping up to date with current events via their smartphones. NBC Chairman Andrew Lack came to IESE's New York Center to discuss this and other media industry challenges with Bill Baker, another veteran journalist and the Distinguished ... More information  

Programming Business Models Through Digital Density  Premium

Date: 16/06/2017 Author(s): Zamora, Javier Document type: Non-refereed article The exponential growth of digital connections and data generates myriad interactions between organizations, people and things that executives can leverage to enhance their current business models or create entirely new ones. But how best to harness the power of this digital density? This article presents a framework to help senior executives tap connected ... More information   Read related article

Rainy With a Chance of Sales 

Date: 16/06/2017 Author(s): IESE Insight Document type: Non-refereed article Plus: 10 decision-making mistakes; how OECD countries score on RDI; Europe and the U.S. dominate the world's "smartest" cities; a redesign for banking; internal promotions pay off for women; a prescription for marketing pharmaceuticals. More information  

Rethinking Your Resources 

Date: 16/06/2017 Author(s): Barney, Jay B. Document type: Opinion Should managers seek to maximize the wealth of their firm's owners, or should they seek to satisfy the legitimate interests of all their firm's stakeholders? Debates about this question have gone on for decades. Recently, I have begun to explore the implications of the resource-based theory of competitive advantage for this debate. More information  

Strategy Lessons From Africa 

Date: 16/06/2017 Author(s): Ariño, Africa Document type: Opinion Although China and India get more attention, the less-studied continent of Africa holds important managerial insights, as Michael J. Mol (Copenhagen Business School), Christian Stadler (Warwick Business School) and I discovered when we edited a special issue of the Global Strategy Journal. What can Africa teach managers about global strategic ... More information  

Andrew Lack: Team-building, Coaching & Communicating 

Date: 14/06/2017 Author(s): Interviewee(s): Lack, Andrew; Interviewer(s): Baker, Bill; Sponsor(s): IESE Insight Document type: Interview (Video) "I love walking the halls and wandering the corridors," says Andrew Lack of his typical day as Chairman of NBC News and MSNBC. He is team-building, coaching and communicating every day, constantly on the hunt for the best and brightest people. "That work with colleagues is critical to the lifeblood of the organization." More information  

The Value of Foresight 

Date: 07/06/2017 Author(s): Rosenberg, Mike Document type: Opinion Tomorrow the United Kingdom will hold general elections, and the race is gearing up to be much closer than many originally thought. British voters may well deliver another stunning outcome, and as any business leader can tell you, surprises aren't always a good thing. In the world of international business, being caught off-guard can break a company ... More information  
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