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KUKA AG: Planning for the Future of Automation 

Date: 18/04/2017 Author(s): Sachon, Marc; Sastre Boquet, Isaac Document type: Case The case presents the main current developments in automation and industrial robotics through KUGA AG, one of the largest automation companies in the world. One of KUKA's customers - an automotive OEM - is looking to invest on automation as it expands its operations to meet growing demand, and the case opens up the debate on how should this company ... More information  

Five Tips on Big Data Optimization for Retailers 

Date: 04/2017 Author(s): Martínez de Albéniz, Víctor Document type: Opinion If you a re looking for one of the oldest and largest sectors in the economy, look no further than retail. Since the 1990s, it has surpassed the automotive industry as the thought leader in operations. You would be surprised at just how many business process innovations have come from retail and been applied elsewhere. More information  

Aciturri Aeronáutica: Additive Manufacturing in the Aerospace Industry 

Date: 30/03/2017 Author(s): Sachon, Marc; Sastre Boquet, Isaac Document type: Case Aciturri Aeronáutica is a Tier 1 aerospace supplier serving Airbus and Boeing which is now looking at implementing additive manufacturing in its processes. The case looks at the numerous opportunities presented by this new technology for aerospace companies and manufacturing in general, but also its challenges. The case finishes opening up the debate ... More information  

Gestión del riesgo global y constante 

Date: 24/03/2017 Author(s): Interviewee(s): Kessler, Denis; Cancio, Vicente; Placencia, Alberto; Álvarez Camiña, Sergio; González de Frutos, Pilar; Soley, Jorge; Eyries, Ignacio; Torrijos, Sergio; Sponsor(s): IESE - Industry Meetings Document type: Interview (Video) Nuevos actores tecnológicos -las denominadas insurtech- y modelos de negocio basados en el big data están revolucionando el sector asegurador. Así se puso de manifiesto en el 7º Encuentro del Sector Seguros del IESE, patrocinado por EY España. More information  

Optimal Production and Rationing Policy of Two-Stage Tandem Production System 

Date: 03/2017 Author(s): Xu, Jianjun; Serrano, Alejandro; Lin, Bing Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) The rationing literature has been so far oblivious to the fact that sellable items may not only be finished products, but also intermediate products to manufacture subsequent sellable products. We address this gap by considering an inventory rationing problem in a two-product tandem make-to-stock production/inventory system. Bulk demand arrives to ... More information  

Google 2017 

Date: 24/02/2017 Author(s): Valor Sabatier, Josep Document type: Case John Cardinal, a senior partner at the investment firm Maccarron, was worried. One of the largest clients he personally managed - who was also a personal friend - had asked Cardinal to buy $1 million of Google shares, a large proportion of the man's family savings. Cardinal thought he owed it to his friend, and himself, to analyze Google in greater ... More information  

Here Comes the Sun: Fashion Goods Retailing under Weather Shocks 

Date: 16/02/2017 Author(s): Belkaid, Abdel; Martínez de Albéniz, Víctor Document type: Working Paper The weather has been identified as an important driver of demand and constitutes a major risk for retailers, especially in goods for which usage is affected by weather conditions, such as soft drinks or fashion apparel. We empirically study the impact of weather variables on the operations of a large fashion apparel retailer. We develop two models: ... More information   Read related article

Cómo descarbonizar nuestra economía 

Date: 16/02/2017 Author(s): Interviewee(s): López Cardenete, Juan Luis; Nieto, Ignasi; Aires, Luis; Labandeira, Xavier; Navarro, Jesús; Piñón, Jorge; Calleja, Daniel; Sallé, Carlos; Speaker(s): Fernández Cuesta, Nemesio; Arias Cañete, Miguel; Sponsor(s): IESE - Industry Meetings Document type: Interview (Video) ¿Es necesario un impuesto a las emisiones de CO2 para hacer realidad el Acuerdo de París sobre el cambio climático? Según algunos de los expertos que participaron en el 14 Encuentro del Sector Energético del IESE, esta sería una buena fórmula para incentivar el uso de energías limpias por parte del consumidor final. More information  

Rocket Roaster 

Date: 15/02/2017 Author(s): Sachon, Marc Editor(s): CIIL - Centro Internacional de Investigación Logística Document type: Case The case describes the business model of a food truck service that operates 16 vans from its headquarters in and around the German city of Frankfurt. The protagonist of the case needs to assess whether the company is a good acquisition prospect or if he should follow the current trend of investing in a company with a digital business model. The company's ... More information  

El trébol de cuatro hojas 

Date: 30/01/2017 Author(s): Pin Arboledas, José Ramón Author(s) of introduction: Serra, Eduardo; Editor(s): CPLG - Center for Public Leadership and Government Document type: Book Dice la sabiduría popular que encontrar un trébol de cuatro hojas da suerte. Si Gobierno y Administración cumple las cuatro funciones descritas en este libro (las cuatro hojas de un trébol) los ciudadanos habrán tenido suerte. De esto trata este libro: de la buena Gobernanza Pública. En la economía global es importante que Gobierno y Administraciones ... More information   Read related article
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