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How Design Can Boost Social Impact and Business Results  Premium

Date: 18/06/2018 Author(s): Sosa, Manuel E. Document type: Non-refereed article Many managers approach problems with an engineering mindset: build it the right way and make sure it works. Designers, on the other hand, approach problems with the question: are we building the right thing in the first place? In this article, the author discusses how companies can build a design culture, using examples from EGGS Design in Oslo, Norway, ... More information   Read related article

7 Food & Beverage Challenges 

Date: 18/06/2018 Author(s): IESE Insight Document type: Non-refereed article Plus: managing the backlash against globalization; using the wisdom of the crowd to predict tastes; an operations model for museums; Europe at top of smart cities index; how racial integration amplifies the benefits of VC; why salaries are stagnating. More information  

¿Estamos listos para la industria 4.0? 

Date: 29/05/2018 Author(s): Sachon, Marc Document type: Opinion La versión 4.0 de la industria presenta numerosas ventajas, tanto en la creación de valor como en la organización del trabajo y los modelos de negocio. Para aprovechar todos sus beneficios, hay que seguir una serie de pasos. More information  

El Parque Nacional de los Arlanzones 

Date: 11/04/2018 Author(s): Calvo, Eduard Document type: Case Se analiza la capacidad del parque nacional de los Arlanzones, una reserva natural que atrae a un gran número de visitantes, ya que ofrece numerosos puntos de interés. Con el fin de reducir el impacto que esto puede generar en la fauna y flora del lugar, se crea una oferta de paquetes para grupos que limitan el acceso al parque y se basan en un orden ... More information  

Toward A Contingency Model For Hospital-Based Health Technology Assessment: Evidence From Adhophta Project 

Date: 04/2018 Author(s): Cicchetti, Americo; Iacopino, Valentino; Coretti, Silvia; Fiore, Alessandra; Marchetti, Marco; Sampietro-Colom, Laura; Kidholm, Kristian; Wasserfallen, Jean-Blaise; Kahveci, Rabia; Halmesmäki, Esa; Rosenmöller, Magda; Wild, Claudia; Kivet, Raul-Allan Editor(s): CRHIM - Center for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Objectives: Hospital-based health technology assessment (HB-HTA) is becoming increasingly relevant because of its role in managing the introduction and withdrawal of health technologies. The organizational arrangement in which HB-HTA activities are conducted depends on several contextual factors, although the dominant models have several similarities. ... More information  

Effects of Assortment Breadth Announcements on Manufacturer Competition 

Date: 27/03/2018 Author(s): Heese, Sebastian; Martínez de Albéniz, Victor Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Retailers typically use assortment planning to maximize store profits given product characteristics. We study the manufacturers' price-setting interactions and how these can be manipulated by the retailer's assortment strategy. We show that constraining the breadth of the assortment has two main effects on retailer profits: First, a larger assortment ... More information   Read related article

From Observation to Adventure 

Date: 20/03/2018 Author(s): Argandoña, Antonio Document type: Opinion In his treatise The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith used a pin factory to illustrate the benefits of breaking a job down into its constituent parts and dividing the tasks among specialized workers. I was reminded of that when I read this IESE Insight, only Smith's pin factory has been swapped for alliances, as the authors observe how people ... More information  

Rethinking the Funnel for the Omnichannel Age  Premium

Date: 20/03/2018 Author(s): D'Andrea, Guillermo Document type: Non-refereed article Wearables, self-driving cars, AI displacing people who will spend less time working and more time searching for memorable experiences to share on social media. These trends are already triggering a seismic shift in consumer patterns toward a constantly connected and engaged omnichannel model. From his research on retail sector trends and the challenges ... More information   Read related article

Equal Opportunities: He Said, She Said 

Date: 19/03/2018 Author(s): IESE Insight Document type: Non-refereed article Plus: why managers don't necessarily invest in CSR; leveraging people's natural urge to complete sets; a Chinese model for supplier financing; the world in 2018; the advantages of multiculturalism; why we overspend on marketing. More information  

Risk Propagation Through Payment Distortion In Supply Chains 

Date: 03/2018 Author(s): Serrano, Alejandro; Oliva, Rogelio; Kraiselburd, Santiago Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) The supply chain literature has devoted much attention to studying how the variability of orders propagates upstream. We explore how this insight extends to the variability of payments to suppliers and its impact on how risk is generated and propagates upstream. To do so, we model the financial features of a supply chain based on industry reports and ... More information  
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