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National Culture And Financial Systems: The Conditioning Role Of Political Context 

Date: 04/2018 Author(s): Lavezzolo, Sebastián E.; Rodríguez-Lluesma, Carlos; Elvira, Marta Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Building on research that addresses why some financial systems are based on banks and others on markets, this study stresses that culturally-based social preferences regarding uncertainty avoidance help explain cross-national differences in financial system configuration. We propose a theory in which political institutions condition this relationship. ... More information   Read related article

IESE Insight. Issue 36. First Quarter 2018  Premium

Date: 20/03/2018 Author(s): IESE Insight Document type: Review The resources you need may lie outside your firm. Before stepping out, know what it takes to make alliances work. Africa Ariño and Rafael Andreu use the case of a healthcare alliance to show how partners can better coordinate their activities to improve their joint performance. Jeffrey J. Reuer and Shivaram V. Devarakonda discuss when it may be appropriate ... More information  

Reaching for the Stars  Premium

Date: 20/03/2018 Author(s): IESE Insight Collaborator(s): García Tur, Víctor Document type: Non-refereed article 20 years after he became the first Spaniard to go up into space, astronaut Pedro Duque shares the keys to launch out and go where no one has gone before. More information  

YouTube: How to Replay Success? 

Date: 20/03/2018 Author(s): IESE Insight Collaborator(s): González Pascual, Alberto; Gómez, Laura I. Document type: Non-refereed article Alberto González Pascual (Prisa) highlights four crucial areas when designing a growth model for change, while Laura I. Gómez (Atipica) assesses the leadership qualities that can help deliver any future business strategy. More information  

Bill McDermott: "There's no room for small dreams." 

Date: 20/03/2018 Author(s): IESE Insight Interviewee(s): McDermott, Bill; Interviewer(s): Weber, Eric Document type: Interview "Take good care of your customers and good things happen." That's certainly been true for Bill McDermott, the first non-European CEO of the German software company SAP. He sat down with Eric Weber at the IESE Global Alumni Reunion in Madrid to talk about how hard work and disciplined execution can achieve audacious growth -- but you've got to dream ... More information  

How to Be a More Human Manager 

Date: 20/03/2018 Author(s): Hougaard, Rasmus Document type: Opinion What kind of leadership is needed in the 21st century to create great working cultures that yield positive financial returns? Having interviewed thousands of leaders from Fortune 500 companies and other organizations, these are some of the answers we've come up with. More information  

Equal Opportunities: He Said, She Said 

Date: 19/03/2018 Author(s): IESE Insight Document type: Non-refereed article Plus: why managers don't necessarily invest in CSR; leveraging people's natural urge to complete sets; a Chinese model for supplier financing; the world in 2018; the advantages of multiculturalism; why we overspend on marketing. More information  

Pedro Nueno: "Un solo individuo cotizará para pagar a seis pensionistas" 

Date: 18/03/2018 Author(s): ABC (Empresa) Interviewee(s): Nueno, Pedro; Interviewer(s): Valero, Juan Carlos Document type: Interview Lejos de convertir el cierre de una dilatada y exitosa trayectoria en un punto final, el profesor del IESE Pedro Nueno, creador de escuelas de negocios por todo el mundo, no piensa jubilarse nunca porque considera que «hay muchas cosas por hacer». A sus manos llegan proyectos de alumnos y ex alumnos que acuden al fondo de capital riesgo Finaves que ... More information  

Los tiempos del liderazgo 

Date: 16/03/2018 Author(s): Álvarez de Mon, Santiago Document type: Opinion A la hora de discernir la calidad de diferentes liderazgos el tiempo se revela primordial. Los líderes meramente hábiles, rápidos, listos, oportunistas, suelen conducir con luces cortas. Su mirada no alcanza a ver más allá de una realidad superficial, sin reparar en las corrientes profundas que se ocultan en el subsuelo de la historia. La última crisis ... More information  

A Trickle-Down Model of Task and Development I-Deals 

Date: 16/03/2018 Author(s): Rofcanin, Yasin; Las Heras, Mireia; Bal, Matthijs; Van der Heijden, Beatrice; Taser Erdogan, Didem Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) In today's competitive landscape, employees increasingly negotiate idiosyncratic deals (i-deals), referring to personalized work arrangements that address recipients' unique work needs and preferences (Rousseau et al., 2006). While i-deals unfold in a dyadic context between subordinates and their managers, the consequences of i-deals concern everyone ... More information  
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