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KIBUC: reformulando el crecimiento

Date: 13/02/2017
Author(s): Rodríguez, Silvia; Nueno, José Luis

Document type: Case

A pesar de la crisis económica y de la atonía que había caracterizado el sector del mueble y la decoración durante los últimos años, KIBUC logró crecer de forma notable gracias a su apuesta por la personalización de los productos y a una adecuada relación calidad-precio. La compañía se encontraba, de nuevo, ante un nuevo punto de inflexión en su desarrollo. Dos ...

La transformación de los recursos humanos frente a la globalización

Date: 24/01/2017
Author(s): García-Lombardía, Pilar; Gómez, Sandalio

Document type: Study and Monograph

Los departamentos de Recursos Humanos de las empresas multinacionales españolas se enfrentan a un conjunto de importantes retos a la hora de responder a las exigencias del negocio en materia de internacionalización. La gestión de las relaciones laborales transnacionales, el nuevo concepto de talento global, la innovación en las políticas de movilidad ...

How To Overcome Resistance and Get Commitment From Users

Date: 20/01/2017
Author(s): Jesús Pérez Balaguer; Gregory, Robert Wayne; Káganer, Evgeny

Document type: Technical Note

If we consider the broad spectrum of changes that occur in organizations, it is apparent that in many cases, either directly or indirectly, technology is a very important factor to take into account and can even be the driver of change. But most people fear change and some have a deep aversion to it. In this document, we look at the reasons why employees ...

Jóvenes y mayores

Date: 15/01/2017
Author(s): Oliver, Xavier

Document type: Opinion

Los que siguen esta columna habrán comprobado que a menudo hablo de los cambios sociales que han acontecido en las últimas décadas, mucho mayores que en cualquier época del pasado. Todas las revoluciones han traído consecuencias, algunas más predecibles que otras pero la actual ha cambiado el comportamiento de los humanos de arriba abajo.

AJE GROUP: Porsuing Lost Growth

Date: 10/01/2017
Author(s): Nueno, José Luis; Bazán, Miguel

Document type: Case

This case is an update of "Aje: Selling Drinks to the Base of the Pyramid" (M-1254-E), including the events of 2016. A series of adverse macroeconomic trends converged during financial year 2015 (an uncertain global economic climate and the appreciation of the dollar compared with other currencies), along with an increase in competition and a drop ...

The Unfulfilled Promise of Biotechnology Firms: A Top Management Team-Based Explanation

Date: 08/01/2017
Author(s): Ener, Hakan

Document type: Article in Journal (refereed)

A key feature of biotechnology firms' business models is the tendency to branch into related therapeutic markets within the same industry in developing new products. Recent analyses revealed that this business model has not paid off for the vast majority of firms in this industry. Building on theories of learning and attention, and supported by empirical ...

Corporate Venturing: Achieving Profitable Growth Through Startups

Date: 01/2017
Author(s): Prats, Mª Julia; Amigó, Pau; Ametller, Xavier; Batlle, Adrià
Editor(s): IESE; Mobile World Capital Barcelona
Document type: Study and Monograph

This report is the first to be published by mVenturesBcn, a program of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, together with IESE Business School. Its aim is to provide a handbook on corporate venturing that can be useful for the entrepreneurial community globally. We provide a framework for understanding the problems and challenges of established companies ...

How Does Performance Feedback Affect Boundary Spanning in Multinational Corporations? Insights from Technology Scouts

Date: 23/12/2016
Author(s): Klueter, Thomas Maximilian; Monteiro, F.
Editor(s): EIC - Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center
Document type: Article in Journal (refereed)

As much as prior research has shed light on the boundary-spanning processes of global organizations and their (positive) impact on an MNC's performance, whether, when and how past performance ultimately shapes an MNC's boundary-spanning activities remains an open question in management research. To tackle these questions, we examine the behavior of ...

'Digital detox'

Date: 20/12/2016
Author(s): Foncillas, Pablo

Document type: Opinion

Viernes por la tarde cargas el coche y con tu pareja te diriges a un maravilloso hotel. Está en medio del campo, praderas verdes, altas montañas, playas desiertas, lugares ignotos. Tan ignotos, tanto, que no tienen cobertura. ¡Zas! No puedes enviar ni tampoco recibir mensajes. Ninguno, a nadie. No te ofrecen wifi tampoco. Están por toda la geografía ...

Mark Hutchinson: "We have to sell differently because our customers buy differently."

Date: 13/12/2016
Author(s): IESE Insight
Interviewee(s): Hutchinson, Mark; Interviewer(s): Iniesta, Francisco
Document type: Interview

Although it started out in lighting and electricity, GE owes its staying power to its ability to constantly pivot, acquiring competitors and patents at just the right moment to stay on top of each new industrial and technological wave. Today GE finds itself on the cusp of a new industrial revolution: this time, it's digital. As Mark Hutchinson told ...

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