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¿Por qué no soy bueno? 

Date: 18/04/2017 Author(s): Foncillas, Pablo Document type: Opinion ¿Por qué yo? ¿Por qué a mi? Y justo ahora que lo necesitamos más que nunca. ¿Dónde lo hacemos mal? ¿Por qué no somos buenos? Estas oraciones, o mejor llamadas lamento-frases, se escuchan a menudo, especialmente cuando los resultados no acompañan. Es entonces el momento en el que uno más piensa en aquello que necesita y no tiene, innovación. Y esta ... More information  

Design Thinking: The new DNA of the financial sector 

Date: 06/04/2017 Author(s): Siota, Josemaria; Klueter, Thomas Maximilian; Staib, Dieter; Taylor, Sam; Ania, Iñigo Editor(s): EIC - Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center Document type: Study and Monograph Fintech startups have big banks looking over their shoulders and rushing to innovate. Is this the de-banking era? Not so fast: Drawing inspiration from designers and artists, design thinking can be a great tool for banks looking to connect with customers and innovate quickly. That is according to a study by IESE's Josemaria Siota and Thomas Klueter, ... More information   Read related article

Video International 

Date: 06/04/2017 Author(s): Káganer, Evgeny; Korovkin, Vladimir; Tatarinov, Katherine Document type: Case The case addresses the various trends facing the advertising market, both in TV advertising and online advertising. It sets out the dilemma of Vi, the biggest TV advertising service provider in Russia. The company was facing not only a difficult economic environment in Russia but also changes in consumer habits and a rapidly evolving advertising industry. ... More information  

El robot feroz 

Date: 28/03/2017 Author(s): Pastor, Alfredo Document type: Opinion Los científicos sociales, decía Thomas Schelling, "son más parecidos a los guardas forestales que a los naturalistas. El naturalista puede interesarse por las razones de la extinción de una especie sin que le importe saber si esta se extingue o no, mientras que el guarda forestal se preocupará de saber si el búfalo desaparece o no, y se esforzará por ... More information  


Date: 19/03/2017 Author(s): Nueno, Pedro Document type: Opinion No hace mucho visitaba al presidente de una empresa china de equipos y componentes eléctricos. Me ofreció ver su fábrica, y eso es siempre para mí un aprendizaje y lo acepté agradecido. Era el día internacional de la Mujer, y me advirtió que más de la mitad de la gente de la fábrica eran mujeres y que les habían dado fiesta ese día, así que vería la ... More information  

Making the Impossible Possible  Premium

Date: 16/03/2017 Author(s): IESE Insight Document type: Non-refereed article Like magicians, executives sometimes have to make the seemingly impossible possible. Professional illusionist José-María de la Torre reveals some of the tricks of his trade, so that businesses don't end up as a case of "now you see me, now you don't." More information  

Tips to Become a Renaissance Manager  Premium

Date: 16/03/2017 Author(s): Goldin, Ian; Kutarna, Chris Document type: Non-refereed article Five hundred years ago, the world underwent an upheaval, leading to an eruption of genius known as the Renaissance. Today we are in the midst of another paradigm shift. The danger is we will ignore what we know about the global climate system, the global financial system and intergenerational poverty, and repeat history's mistakes. In this article ... More information   Read related article

Keys for Youth Employment 

Date: 16/03/2017 Author(s): IESE Insight Document type: Non-refereed article Plus: building bridges between corporations and startups; four pillars for public sector efficiency; tips to help multicultural teams succeed; finding the right investment mix; what insiders knew during the crisis; and do NGOs increase income inequality? More information  

Know Where to Start 

Date: 16/03/2017 Author(s): Argandoña, Antonio Document type: Opinion "I know I have to do things I've never done before: that's not the problem. The problem is not knowing where to start." An aspiring manager said this to an IESE colleague, who replied: "Welcome to the challenging yet never boring world of being a manager!" Digital transformation is a case in point. As executives, we know we have to transform our businesses ... More information  

IESE Insight. Issue 32. First Quarter 2016  Premium

Date: 16/03/2017 Author(s): IESE Insight Document type: Review Tech is changing how we do business. Break out of your bubble and learn to manage better in a digital age. Julián Villanueva and Luis Ferrándiz explain the best practices and missteps on the Stairway to Digitalization. Íñigo Gallo and Claudia Townsend highlight the critical differences between how material and experiential goods are evaluated and consumed. ... More information  
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