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And Now What?: A Guide to Leadership and Taking Charge in Your New Role 

Date: 08/12/2017 Author(s): Stein, Guido Document type: Book When you start a new managerial role, there is an inevitable contrast between what you believed you would find and what you're actually faced with. And Now What? helps you manage this gap between expectation and reality, ensuring that you get off to the best possible start in your new job. This book is structured in two parts, and it begins by offering ... More information   Read related article

Tom Kelley 

Date: 26/11/2017 Author(s): Oliver, Xavier Document type: Opinion La reunión de antiguos alumnos del IESE que celebramos en Madrid el pasado viernes 17 fue un clamoroso éxito. No solamente por los más de 3.000 participantes que nos congregamos allí sino porque el contenido fue esperanzador, motivante y definitivamente con una refrescante dosis de nuevas y apasionantes ideas. More information  

¿Preparados para el futuro del trabajo o el trabajo del futuro? 

Date: 25/11/2017 Author(s): Heukamp, Franz Document type: Opinion El panorama empresarial está cambiando radicalmente. Este cambio no es una novedad per se, pero lo que sí es diferente es su alcance y su ritmo, cada vez más rápido, que exige a los directivos y empresas una comprensión renovada del futuro del trabajo. Tres desafíos están provocando este cambio y redefiniendo la organización del trabajo en las empresas. ... More information  

God is Brazilian: Turning Alcohol into Fuel 

Date: 15/11/2017 Author(s): Giordano, Paola; Sanchez, Felix; Rahnema Alavi, Ahmad Editor(s): Cátedra Fuel Freedom de Energía y Desarrollo Social Document type: Case In September 1979, while Brazil is treading the uncertain and dangerous waters of an oil crisis that has exacerbated the country¿s balance of payment, Mario Garnero, the president of the National Association of Automotive Vehicle Manufacturers (ANFAVEA), is desperately looking for an escape to avoid the imminent threat of gasoline rationing and to ... More information  

Israel Electric Corporation: Pursuing Cleaner Energy 

Date: 15/11/2017 Author(s): Beaudry, Marcus; Rahnema Alavi, Ahmad Editor(s): Cátedra Fuel Freedom de Energía y Desarrollo Social Document type: Case The Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) has faced some expensive electricity generation situations in the past, often caused by regional political issues. The electrical grid in Israel is well-established, though many portions of it are aging and now too small for some of the regions they serve. When local demand exceeds the transmission line's supply ... More information  

Planeación de escenarios para la transformación digital 

Date: 05/11/2017 Author(s): Villanueva, Julián Document type: Opinion Según el profesor Foster de la Yale University en los años 20 las 500 mayores empresas norteamericanas tenían una esperanza de vida de 67 años. Hoy esta es de solo 15: el progreso tecnológico ha cogido velocidad. Hoy muchos CEO tienen la sensación de angustia que tan magistralmente describe Saint Exupéry en «Tierra de Hombres», cuando en los años 30, ... More information  

Antoni's Gaudí's Creativity 

Date: 11/10/2017 Author(s): Massague, Mireia; Figuerola, Pere Jordi; Rosich, Marc; Nueno, José Luis Document type: Technical Note Innovation, creativity, technology ... in service of people. These are the bases of both Antoni Gaudí's citizen science and his architectural oeuvre. Beyond the label of architect, Gaudí left a legacy still applicable today in many disciplines, from ergonomic design to business management. He was a pioneer, ahead of his time, innovative in work processes, ... More information  

What's the New Competitive Edge? 

Date: 10/2017 Author(s): Dávila, Antonio Document type: Non-refereed article Amazon is revolutionizing distribution to the point of getting employers and unions to make agreements without the traditional fights. Taxi drivers go on strike again and again to try to protect a market that's undergoing change. There are new companies on the car manufacturers? scene: start-ups, like Tesla and Uber, and software giants like Google ... More information  

The Unfulfilled Promise of Biotechnology Firms: A Top Management Team-Based Explanation 

Date: 01/10/2017 Author(s): Ener, Hakan Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) A key feature of biotechnology firms' business models is the tendency to branch into related therapeutic markets within the same industry in developing new products. Recent analyses revealed that this business model has not paid off for the vast majority of firms in this industry. Building on theories of learning and attention, and supported by empirical ... More information  

'Homo sordens' 

Date: 19/09/2017 Author(s): Foncillas, Pablo Document type: Opinion Están por todas partes y tienen una discapacidad profunda. Es una carencia auditiva intensa. En ocasiones la desarrollan poco a poco. Con el paso de los años, y los ascensos, se ve que el tímpano se resiente y no es capaz de transmitir nada... ¿para qué, si ya están satisfechos de sus propias ideas? Otras veces la sordera está relacionada con los ceros, ... More information  
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