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Executive Gender Pay Gaps: The Roles of Female Risk Aversion and Board Representation

Date: 03/01/2017
Author(s): Giné, Mireia; Carter, Mary Ellen; Franco, Francesca

Document type: Article in Journal (refereed)

Using a large sample of executives in S&P1500 firms over 1996-2010, we document significant salary and total compensation gaps between female and male executives and explore two possible explanations for the gaps. We find support for greater female risk aversion as one contributing factor. Female executives hold significantly lower equity incentives ...

Pedro Nueno: "Abans el consell d'administració era un premi; ara és un òrgan de treball"

Date: 17/12/2016
Author(s): Via Empresa
Interviewee(s): Nueno, Pedro
Document type: Interview

Més enllà de la seva reconeguda tasca docent a l'Iese, a Harvard i a la Xina, on el China Club Spain acaba de premiar la seva trajectòria; Pedro Nueno (Barcelona, 1944) acumula experiències en més d'una trentena de consells d'administració a Espanya, els Estats Units i l'Amèrica Llatina. Ja sigui en empreses familiars, algunes de cotitzades a Borsa ...

The 2020 Board: The Future of Company Boards

Date: 08/11/2016
Author(s): Nueno, Pedro

Document type: Book

In fast-paced, turbulent business markets, company boards need greater agility and will find it necessary to be conscious of innovation and technological progress. They ought to encourage companies to explore and value creativity at all levels, to remove red tape from the company's culture and stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit. This book addresses ...

Josep Tàpies: "Un padre no debe dejarse llevar por las emociones para elegir a su sucesor en la empresa"

Date: 27/10/2016
Author(s): El Correo
Interviewee(s): Tàpies, Josep
Document type: Interview

La Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Álava acogerá el próximo 4 de diciembre el Foro de Empresa Familiar de las Cámaras Vascas, cuyo objetivo es informar, sensibilizar, orientar, formar y compartir experiencias y soluciones para que las familias empresarias puedan gestionar de la mejor forma posible la relación empresa-familia. La jornada contará con ...

Experts on corporate boards: more is not always better

Date: 26/10/2016
Author(s): Almandoz, John; Tilcsik, András

Document type: Non-refereed article

Expectations on corporate boards are on the rise, and directors who are experts in the company's home domain are, understandably, in high demand. Because those experts can more fully grasp all the ins and outs of difficult decisions, organisations with more experts in their boards should in principle perform better. The more experts, the better, common ...

Research: Index Funds Are Fueling Out-of-Whack CEO Pay Packages

Date: 18/10/2016
Author(s): Antón, Miguel; Ederer, Florian; Giné, Mireia; Schmalz, Martin C.

Document type: Non-refereed article

CEOs get paid handsomely. The pay of top managers has risen faster than those of other star earners. Often they're paid generously even as the firms they head underperform relative to their peers. Such performance-insensitive pay packages seem to defy both common sense and established economic theory on optimal incentives. Top management compensation ...

The Board of 2020

Date: 10/2016
Author(s): Nueno, Pedro

Document type: Non-refereed article

Globalization, technological change and the increased pace of business are transforming companies in ways that demand a response from boards of directors. At the same time, boards' activities are increasingly regulated. With all that in mind, what traits, aptitudes and attitudes should board members have?

Alumni Magazine. Issue 143. October - December 2016

Date: 10/2016
Author(s): IESE

Document type: Review

In June, we announced the appointment of Prof. Franz Heukamp as the new dean of IESE. During the ceremony held in the Aula Magna at IESE on September 6, the president of the University of Navarra, who presided over the event, explained that Franz did not take possession of anything, because, at the University, leading is not appropriating anything: ...

Helping Women Thrive in Your CompanyPremium

Date: 23/09/2016
Author(s): Chinchilla, Nuria; Jiménez, Esther

Document type: Non-refereed article

The future of global organizations depends on their ability to incorporate diverse perspectives in their top management teams and to harness the wealth of talent and value that women bring. So why are so few women represented in corporate leadership today? This article describes the barriers to progress and suggests some of the key actions that companies ...

El consejo y el futuro, y aún más presión

Date: 09/2016
Author(s): Nueno, Pedro

Document type: Opinion

Según el autor de "El Consejo 2020", la presión sobre el consejo -algo decreto, de lo que se hablaba poco, y que es ahora prioritario y público- seguirá al alza.

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