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Technical Notes  6 Strategies to Get the Most out of Feedback

Elghanayan, Ruben; Gallego, Sheila; Ribera, Alberto As much as we might try to accept our annual performance review rationally, it's hard to deny the emotional component. Here are strategies to help you handle criticism constructively. Read article

Books  Riding the Rapids of International HR Management

Reiche, B. Sebastian; Stahl, Guenter K.; Mendenhall, Mark E.; Oddou, Gary The director of human resources in the 21st century has a tall order: Not only internal people management, but understanding the nuances of staffing in international contexts. IESE's B. Sebastian Reiche joins the editorial team of a classic text offering readings and case studies to illuminate key HR issues amid rapid globalization. Read article

Books  Hanging in the Balance: Technology and the Blurring of Work-Family Boundaries

Las Heras, Mireia; Chinchilla, Nuria; Grau, Marc Technology is blurring the boundaries between work and family realms. Is it possible for the modern worker to avoid overload and live a fulfilling life at home and in the office? The Work-Family Balance in Light of Globalization and Technology is a new book offering research-backed hope, with strategies and policies to help find equipoise. Read article
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