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Articles and Opinion  Objectives Are SMART, Missions Are WISE Premium

Rey, Carlos; Chinchilla, Nuria; Pitta, Nuno Welcome to management by missions, in which objectives stop being an end in and of themselves and are put to the service of a greater purpose. This article explains how missions are being put into action in all types of companies around the world. Read article

Books  Management Truths in an Age of Fake News

Rosenberg, Mike; Seager, Phil Do newspapers, magazines or books have a future? Will terrestrial television exist as a meaningful player in five years' time? Amid attacks and dramatic changes, leading IESE professors and practitioners share the timeless tools needed to manage media and entertainment businesses. Read article

Studies and Reports  Why and How to Internationalize Your SME

García-Lombardía, Pilar; Pin Arboledas, José Ramón Germany's Mittelstand has something to teach other countries' smaller firms: exporting abroad increases revenues and diversification. In Spain, where micro- and small enterprises provide more than half of all jobs, learning some German lessons may be key to survival. Read article

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