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Barcelona Sells: BCN Brand's Rapid Ascent

Oliver, Xavier; Sicart, Sara


Eternal summer? An urban, stylish lifestyle? What does Barcelona evoke for you? BCN Brand plays to the public imagination of the city of Gaudí and beauty on the beach, selling everything from colorful sneakers to fire extinguishers. The case study, "BCN Brand: Selling Barcelona Around the World," tracks the marketing moves and asks what comes next.

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A Better Way of Managing Major RisksPremium

Bromiley, Philip; Rau, Devaki


In trying to identify all the threats a firm faces, managers can turn risk management into an overwhelming paper-processing exercise. This article offers nine practical suggestions to make the process more meaningful and relevant, so managers can see the forest rather than the trees.

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The Playbook for Sports Managers

Foster, George; O'Reilly, Norm; Dávila, Antonio


Managing in the world of sports is a high-stakes game. The media and fans are watching, and often second-guessing, leadership to a degree unheard of in other fields. Sports Business Management: Decision Making Around the Globe is a textbook for tomorrow's leaders in the industry, with practical advice on how to make good decisions, taking many stakeholders into account.

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