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Banking Risk: Time to Separate CEO Compensation From Shareholders' Interests

Eufinger, Christian; Gill, Andrej

When CEO pay is aligned with shareholders' interests, bank executives may be incentivized to take on too much risk, says IESE's Christian Eufinger. This is not a corporate governance failure, but a problem stemming from government guarantees -- one with a proposed solution.

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Escudero, Antonio; Lizán, Luis; Aceituno, Susana; Ribera, Jaume
Should cost-effectiveness be the sole consideration when deciding whether to finance new drugs? Many in the healthcare industry in Spain are now questioning the criteria that currently govern pharmaceutical policies.
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Aranda, C.; Arellano, J.; Dávila, Antonio
Effective target-setting is a learning process. For more learning inputs, managers might be wise to think like they did in their organization's entrepreneurial stage, according to research by Antonio Dávila.
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A Roadmap for Succession in Family Businesses
Pueyo, R.; Tàpies, Josep; Anitua, Javier; Goenaga, Pedro
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Pay: How to Design a More Effective Compensation Plan
Stein, Guido; Anta Callersten, Carlos
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The Benefits of Flow at Work
Ribera, Alberto; Ceja, Lucia
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