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Looking on the Bright Side of Financial Derivatives

Blanco, Iván; Wehrheim, David

Financial derivatives got a bad name after the crisis. But research by David Wehrheim finds a silver lining: options trading is actually positively linked to firm innovation over the longer term. Here's why.

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Berrone, Pascual; Blázquez, María Luisa
Spain remains a highly attractive destination for foreign investment. The annual Barometer of the Business Climate in Spain breaks down the latest statistics and shows that economic recovery is coupled with increased investment levels in the country.
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Barasz, Kate; John, Leslie K.; Keenan, Elizabeth A.; Norton, Michael I.
People don't like to leave things incomplete. So, how might framing things in "pseudo sets" nudge or otherwise affect people's choices at the moment of decision? IESE's Kate Barasz and co-authors investigate.
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4 Energy Challenges in Kenya -- and How to Face Them
Rahnema Alavi, Ahmad; Sanchez, Felix; Kerubo, Loice; Giordano, Paola; Otieno, Irene; Njenga, George; Ronoh, Geoffrey
Leadership and People Management
Riding the Rapids of International HR Management
Reiche, B. Sebastian; Stahl, Guenter K.; Mendenhall, Mark E.; Oddou, Gary
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